$75 gas station hold,fear of horses, almost smashed at work in ?

  • Nov. 15, 2021, 2:41 a.m.
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https://www.fox17online.com/2015/07/24/how-to-avoid-debit-card-holds-at-the-gas-station/ so I have a $75 hold for a $20 purchase at One Stop for gas. I have money in my account I asked them what’s with this hold they said once the $20 is took they will give my $55 back in 8-10 business days! Guess who will not be shopping at One Stop anymore! I understand they hold it to be sure that they get their money but I didn’t know. Apparently the announcement is on the pump and I didn’t see it. Thank God I had enough money to cover it if I didn’t my bank account would have bounced!

Yesterday after work my husband told me Emily wants us to visit her horses. Little does she know I have a phobia of horses because when I was 13 a horse mistaken my hair for food and ripped my hair out at the root it took me several minutes to convince the horse to quit eating.. look I know my hair was the color of straw at that time but I lost over 2 feet worth of hair! It was past my waist till the horse got it.. my friend Angel at the time had to cut my hair to help get get away from the eating horse because after he took the first chunk obviously he wasn’t done yet. Obviously this traumatized me.

Here I am 34 nervously around Emily’s horses. The horses cuddled up to my husband Talan and our friend Emily. She was giving them carrots. They were pretty. I tried to get brave so I pet them. Emily didn’t know my phobia until we got there. Emily told me they were known to kick be sure I am not behind them. She asked me if I wanted to ride them.. no! I am terrified to even touch them for God sakes! This is a big step for me. She tried to get me to feed them.. that is a bit to close to their mouth for my comfort.

My husband Talan who apparently loves horses said he hopes someday to put me on Emily’s horse told me I need desensitized. I took pictures at a distance still we left.

We went to The Eeataly Italian Restaurant because Emily and her boyfriend Jason was hungry. I bought a salad in a bread bowl. I had no idea the sizing of their portions. Thank God I didn’t order more! The salad is big enough for 2 or 3 meals. I chose it because it was one of the cheaper things on the menu. Talan bought a some type or noodle and shrimp meal ate till he got sick. Jason snuck past us and paid for our food because he heard me upset over the gas station $75 hold.. hell yes I am upset I am poor!

Jason who apparently loves driving drove to Thurmond and then all the way to Meadowbridge just because he could. He said driving was fun. I asked him if it used a lot of his gas. Imagine my shock when he said with his vehicle he can make it to Virginia Beach and back on one tank of gas. He obviously has a newer vehicle easy on gas. My retired 2008 police car positively drinks the gas. I almost have to stop at every other gas station it seems!

It was a nice ending to a bad day! At work I was criticized and treating so poor they bounced me around from station to station. They asked me what was in bags they I knew nothing about because I didn’t even have a chance to see what is in them. The assistant manager threaten to walk out saying I was incompetent. I wanted to cry.

I went back to get cups. They have 8-10 shelves that can wheel back and forth to get between the shelves. While I was in the middle of all these shelves someone tried to crush me in the middle I screamed for help. I took the cups running out threatening to castrate the son of a bitch who did it. One of the assistant managers nervously scrubbed dishes. I told him try it again you will sing Soprano the rest of your life! I am tired of his shit! He looked very amused. You almost squashed me to death! This man criticize me treating me like shit all day.

Patty kept criticizing me threatening to talk to Sandy and get me fired! I have been here a little over 2 weeks Patty believes I should be trained to do things I never learned. I wanted to quit so bad last night but my husband had my car I wasn’t in the mood to walk home in the snow! I hate it here but the pay is good!

I think it is time for job applications. I was going to stick it out here but $10 an hour isn’t enough to teach me like shit. I am not a joke and refused to be treated as such.

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