Loss Of Ability To Feel Compassion & Empathy Is Loss Of Your Humanity in Ok,Boomer

  • Oct. 14, 2021, 2:58 p.m.
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Whenever I see what appears to be a lack of Empathy and Compassion in people, I believe I am seeing damaged people that have LOST much of their positive human aspect.

I see this in people that laugh about the pain of others. The damage done to others. I wonder about it in myself and work on it when in the recent past I found myself ridiculing the people that die from covid due to their being against vaccines and vaccination. Their dying is NOT a great thing despite my grim feeling it may be politically good.


I have looked at myself in the past playing violent video games. There was a dullness and even thrill when killing those THINGS that were unreal. But what if they WERE in a REAL setting? What would I feel?

I have read much history and current news of the world. There is much suffering, violence and horror in it all. For me it IS horrifying and I feel for the victims. Others? They may laugh about someone being shot with an arrow in a terrorist incident. I think of the damage and the pain and horror of the victim. There is no thrill in that HORROR. For many there is a sick thrill to reading about and seeing violence. I see violence in some films as part of the narrative and am critical when it goes to a point of sickness and sadism.

When people perpetrate violence on others and others, seeing it or knowing of it find it amusing or entertaining then there is something sincerely SICK in them. BROKEN. It is perhaps part of how all humans are broken in some ways. The “killer ape?” That highly flawed aspect of ourselves. There is a huge difference in a person when they see someone hurt in sports and find some enjoyment of it and another that reacts, wincing feeling a little of the injured’s pain. The latter, feeling some empathy is more human than the other.

As a kid, I liked horror movies and got a kick out of it all. Then as an adult I felt violence, personal injury and pain as part of my life. I have felt situations of genuine HORROR AS A REALITY. I have lost my enjoyment of psychological horror. Those that perpetrate it to the logical side of my mind need to be removed from societies. I will watch fantasy and some war films that do not glorify violence. I SEE violence as a reality and it is often NOT like it is shown in films. There is no choreography to horror, pain and suffering in real life.

That I feel an aversion to it and to some extent peek at the horror from a wall built inside, I feel my humanity. I feel a dread of the Cartels down south and the gangs and random violence makers in the USA. There is true horror there and nothing to laugh about. It is true horror.

If you talk to veterans about war they will not talk about any joy in killing unless they have lost their humanity. When a veteran does talk about war and a darkness comes over them and they shrink away from it…you see they have not lost their humanity. Their ability for empathy and compassion.

When I see Americans carrying guns I wonder how many of them KNOW THE HORROR AND CHAOS OF GUN VIOLENCE. Do they just imagine being like a kid with a toy gun and going “Bang! You are dead!” Is it the pixelated colors of a video game when someone is shot. Or do they KNOW OF what a bullet does to flesh and bone? The shock then pain of the wounded. The horror in a split second that you have lost your life. Is there any projected empathy for a victim of their violence? Is there a reality of what their potential for violence can do? Do any of them THINK about such things as the ripple effects of violence that they may do? How it DOES affect generations? Ask the children of the victims of violence and war. If they do not…they are fucked up humans LACKING pieces of humanity.

Just as those that laugh about the violence they see or hear about.

So many on the internet have lived such nice easy lives without being touched by violence or true horror. It is remote. Distant EMOTIONALLY until perhaps THEY are stabbed with the intimacy of random senseless insane violence. They are the audience in the colosseum laughing about the gladiators dueling until the goths descend on Rome and make them victims of the violence they found vicarious joy in.

I shy away from many humans BECAUSE I see how broken they are lacking empathy and compassion. Where empathy and compassion are missing, a toxic substance takes it’s place making them a little monstrous or just more the monstrous aspect of the dark side of our humanity.

Purple Dawn October 14, 2021

I respect guns but we find them a necessity where we live. I don't associate them with violence here although it does happen. My first husband was murdered with a gun many many years ago. I don't blame the gun.

Boomer Purple Dawn ⋅ October 14, 2021

I do not blame guns. I know what they can do in the hands of those that do not value life. That do not know the value of life. Or care. Guns are things. Same with bows and arrows. Knives. Rocks. How people USE them is another matter. The person. My father owned guns. He hunted. He made clean kills and ate the animals he killed. My point is the intent of the person using the object. FEELING and MINDSET.

TrippyNina October 14, 2021 (edited October 14, 2021)


I sometimes wish I was more desensitized because my empathy is almost overwhelming. I can't watch the news anymore - it's too much! This pandemic has shown me how many people, even in my close knit bubble, are severely desensitized and it's concerning on many levels. My latest entry talks about the horrid comments concerning the death of my nephew. It's utterly heartbreaking.

Boomer TrippyNina ⋅ October 14, 2021

We all put up walls but some people just lose the ability to feel with others.

ODSago October 14, 2021

every day for about twenty two years I know my son is out on the streets as a law enforcement officer; what I don't know is if he will return to his home when the shift for his men and women finishes. I don't have a gun; I refuse to plan to shoot an invader, some other mother's son, and in doing so protect myself yet sentence another mother to a living hell of loss. Just my take on life.

Boomer ODSago ⋅ October 14, 2021

I hope your son is happy and healthy these days with a great family. Sounds like he has a wonderful loving mother :-) I have a brother that is a retired cop that had a fairly dull career. We are opposites and never talk anymore but I am glad HE DID have a very dull career and he and his family are all good these days.

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