First SS Payment in Ok,Boomer

  • Oct. 13, 2021, 10:58 a.m.
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Woke up this morning and saw a wonderful text message from my new bank. Notice that Social Security had given me my first payment!!!!! I have been worried about it ever since I APPLIED for it back in May. I am not one of those conspiracy theory people. I just do not trust the rusty machinations of Bureaucracies. I have heard that the US government is using some very old tech for their governing functions. The process of filing online was easy since my application was not complicated. After 3 months no word from them (supposed to send out a notice of benefits being authorized) I called them twice and the second time got it all straightened out. THEN my bank was bought out by another. I was reassured transition would be smooth and so far it has been. There is a possible government shutdown set for December due to the emotionally and logically faulty politicians’ mental machinations (yes I used that word twice so far). A year ago I was securely getting predictable paychecks through working. Now (like millions of others)I am at the mercy of the government. Money I worked for and earned. The process has been uninterrupted for decades but with recent American political turmoil it has been put into potential crisis.

My weekly shopping for food trip today. Funny how mindsets change when you live on a fixed income. Scarcity mode sets in for shopping. I look at items to purchase and before the name of each item I say, “do I NEED this?” No let’s NOT buy the fucking cookies. Don’t NEED it. Practicing a scarcity mind. While shopping in ALDI’s I asked a manager about any supply chain problems in a concerned way for the workers and consumers alike. He shook his head and rattled off a shortlist of hard-to-get common items. Good thing I do not eat baloney ;-) I found some cooked turkey and bought 2 chunks of it. 1 I will save for late November Thanksgiving. I used to buy a turkey body that would last a week now ok buy a SYMBOLIC piece of meat. I often think of how my dad would hoard stuff due to having grown up in the Depression. His basement had shelves full of many common items. Some family members had enough butt wipe for years after he died! Yeah, THAT much. I believe as the pandemic fades, the supply chain will improve.

I noticed a help wanted sign at ALDI’s. $15 to start with benefits. Across the street at Krogers a manager, hearing I was retired had asked me if I wanted to work part-time for $10 an hour. Whoa! I don’t need benefits but the kids they hire would not get any. Both are very large food chains but show the radical difference in pay scales.

Enough talking about nothing now… Y’all have a good day.

noko October 13, 2021

Congratulations on getting your first SS payment. I was warned by friends it would take a little while to kick in but I do know that excellent feeling of good, it is a go. That is wild about the starting pay discrepancy. $10 an hour just plain isn't enough these days...particularly with the price of turkey. :)

Boomer noko ⋅ October 13, 2021

I just bought some Turkey today. Cheap but expensive. Just going with your figure of speech. I figure whole turkeys will be something to give massive price shock this year. That $15 an hour to start with benefits in places like ALDI hit me because in the factory I worked in, I made slightly less than $19 after 43 years! With no benefits. It was a bare living.

Newzlady October 14, 2021


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