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  • Oct. 12, 2021, 5:52 p.m.
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My best friend Tella after a ministroke discovered she has a hernia in her throat. She is having difficulty swallowing and feels left out that the rest when everyone can eat their favorite foods but she cant swallow food without putting it in the blender first. I was talking about her maybe trying something the consistency of baby food. She said she is afraid trying baby food by herself.. me being her best friend I offered to try the food with her so she won’t do it alone. Honestly if eating baby food with her helps her feel a little normal about her situation than I will happily eat baby food with her. No one deserves to eat alone. That is what best friends do!

Does anyone have any good cooking recipes I can do to help Tella’s swallowing difficulty? She deserves good meals.

Today after my husband Talan got off of work he help me trim the 8 foot length branches off the top of the project mobile home. We took a dog leash pulled the branches down and sawed them off. The branch that was about to go through the window my husband and I opened the window reached out and sawed off the branches. The gutter is broke but the roof appears fine.

I bought 2 security solar lights my husband hung the lights on the front and back porch and programmed it so that means if anyone walks up it will kick the lights on. We decided to install these solar lights because the power has been turned off in the project home month ago since James Thomas moved out. Without lights on a fear people might break in trying to steal to fall through the rotten floor in the master bedroom.

I don’t exactly see me moving into this project home anytime soon. My friend Mandy got married today. I didn’t attend because she chose not to attend mine 3 years ago. I feel like it was fair to treat her how she treated me. I kept working on my project home. I congrats her on her wedding and just kept working.

I plan to read some Hocus Pocus 2 a little and put in job applications before bed. 15 hours a week doesn’t pay the damn bills! I love my job at JoAnn Crafts but I deserve better.

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