Nighttime Knocking x 2 in And So It Goes....

  • Oct. 13, 2021, 5:20 a.m.
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Twice, last night someone knocked on my door. It was at 11:46 p.m., EST. The second time was at 3:46a.m., EST. I don’t understand. Some think it’s my neighbor, the one w/ anger control issues. I thought he and I were friends. Maybe it’s not him. I am tired of my life. I know I have it good. I do. I guess I co uld just do w/o the mean and cruel nature of this harassment, waking me up at night. I feel like a zombie inside a shell, right now. The landlord once told me to call the cops.
On a lighter note, I now subscribe to Lifetime Movie Club, which has the best of the Lifetime movies. I like it.
I have no desire to go back outside. I feel like lying down and watching television. third module shipment for my course is stalled out in Vermont. It has been that way since October 5.

toddslife 4 days ago

I'm like that to I am tired of my life

chocolatechip toddslife ⋅ 3 days ago

Do you feel that there may anything that would make it better?

toddslife 3 days ago

no have had this feeling for years

chocolatechip toddslife ⋅ 2 days ago

I am very sorry.

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