Sick kittens,the money pit, jerk husband in ?

  • Oct. 12, 2021, 2:41 a.m.
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My mom has 3 mother cats who gave birth days apart. Ghost the Siamese is having difficulty with her milk production. My husband and I went out got cat food, dogfood for moms house and got milk and bottle for Tiny a runt we fear that might pass away. Tiny couldn’t even fit a regular kitten bottle in his mouth we had to use a diabetes syringe to even feed him. My mom tried to give me Tiny to bottle feed to take home for me to raise. I told her nope the tabby is her responsibility. We fixed all of our cats when we had our stimulus she should of fixed her cats as well. Mom was unhappy complaining how expensive it is to care for all of them. I told her it is cheaper to fix them then it is to have to feed the many future generations. She wasn’t amused.

My husband argued with me for 2 hours because I asked him to go to our project mobile home and help me carry plywood across the street from moms basement. My husband screamed he hates my mom he can’t wait till she dies so he won’t have to tolerate her bullshit anymore. He told me he doesn’t want to live across the street from my mom. I told him he has a choice he can continue to live in the trailer park we currently live in while I repair the mobile home or he can take that bitch of an attitude back to his mother’s. We were screaming so loud I know our neighbors heard.

My husband wanted to go to the gym. I ruined his plans by trying to fix the project mobile home. I told him I plan to someday fix my dream home. He said a mobile home isn’t a dream home. It is when you have $16 to live off of for 5 days and you know you have free found materials in the basement of your father’s house to repair the mobile home with. My dad’s garage is across the street almost everything I need is a game of hide and seek away. It took me 30 minutes to find the electric pole saw. Sadly due to there being no power in the project mobile home I tried to use my jumper box to power it long enough to cut a limb. My jumper box was dead. It is now on charge. Obviously I went home after we used the manual pole saw to cut what tiny branches we could.

Today I told my husband we needed to fix the front step. Talan told me it would be the last project we would do here. After the step broke and he fell down the stairs suddenly the step rose higher on his honey do list. I rolled my eyes. He never listens. He has to almost die or break something before he considers possibly repairing it. I am still trying to convince him to help me fix the master bedroom floors we fell through earlier! We fell through those floors earlier last month.

You ever see the movie The Money Pit? I used to find that funny.. never again.. this project home will be the death of me.. thank God for having a mobile home at the trailer park to live in!

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Boomer 5 days ago

I admire you for being so good at carpentry/house renovations. I live in a mobile home and a problem with them has always been (to me) the specialty stuff they use. Lighting and electrical, for example. I am hoping to paint over the vinyl wallpaper/wallboard next summer. Your marriage sounds painful. I hope you stay safe with no injuries and things work out peacefully for both of you.

Purple Dawn 5 days ago

I do hope it gets sorted out. It sounds exhausting.

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