Vaguely Remembering My Parents Reaction To Rock in Ok,Boomer

  • Oct. 9, 2021, noon
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Whenever I find myself mentally laughing at or being critical of modern music, I dredge up memories of my parents generations views and often disparaging talk about rock music and musicians I liked as a kid in the 60s and early 70s. MY YOUTH.

I remembering my mother being scandalized and shocked by a singer using “god damn”. It was opened mouthed shock! My own father never said much about it. He did a lot of sneering about it and beat the family with HIS taste in music. Those days before headphones were used much. HIS house his rules his music tastes.

I remember a neighbor saying he would not go across the street to piss on the Beatles! I will always find that amusing. I think most people of my parents generation were confused about it. The loudness. The energy. Yet I have listened to some Big Band stuff of my parents youth and thought a lot of it very wild stuff. If they had had electric guitars and amps back in the 40s, WHOA LOOK OUT!

I try not to have attitudes like my parents had. I will laugh at someone like Justin Bieber because I think as a person he is an asshole. I often think the same of musicians of my generation. I cannot get into rap but I am not going to stand around complaining about it. Or Soul or anything else. I used to be very vocal in my ridicule of country music. Could not relate to it. But why ridicule something if you don’t GET it? Just don’t listen to it. I love classical music and if someone else does not? Shrug. Personal taste. I have learned ACCEPTANCE which is something my parents did too…while gritting their teeth.

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