Our New American Civil War in Ok,Boomer

  • Oct. 9, 2021, 10:07 p.m.
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It is “civil” because (at least on the side of the left) no guns are being fired. Except for the killing of minorities. More than ever Americans live in a divided country. The Republicans HAVE seceded as Truscott IV has noted in this opinion piece: https://www.salon.com/2021/10/09/a-new-confederacy-and-the-have-already-seceded/?fbclid=IwAR3SlOsIHN_V0er7JgBX3gIjYKh4poRIKrG7hzTO7NluI3JF3DPVqgNcq4M

In my view, I see a huge disconnect from reality by the other side. In what was probably the last fair presidential election the USA may ever have, that other person LOST and Biden won. Usually, the loser of a presidential election graciously with dignity retreats and lives a private life rarely being heard of. Except for someone like Jimmy Carter whose HUMANITARIAN works make him known. Probably for the first time in American history we have a whining little bitch that lost an election in the news every damned day whining like a little bitch. This is someone so many think is a great man despite being a pathological liar, bully, horrible businessman, racist, bigot, white supremacist, and a person that has cheated on all of his present and former wives. Ah, such a MORAL GOOD MAN! He saluted a fucking NORTH KOREAN GENERAL? Yeah. He tried to overthrow the legitimate new government of the USA in a coup.

We have a paralyzed federal government due largely to a president that needs to get some balls and play hardball with the right-wingers. He is trying to play by the rules and they are not. Let me correct myself: They are nominally playing by the rules. Hissy fits on both sides. The right acts like they want to burn the house down so they can “own” the left and by doing so they burn down the country. They change the voting rules by making it harder for minorities to vote. MEANWHILE the majority of Americans just go lah de dah and let it go. I have been accused of being alarmist but I have good reason to. The right calls all social welfare programs “socialism” and therefore they are unamerican and bad. Helping Americans is BAD. Helping the rich is good. They are largely against beliefs in science and few believe in Global Warming and using alternate sources of energy to ease or end it. IF they take over in 2024 in this “civil” war we are having yes I believe we ARE doomed. “Doom sayer?” No I think that looking at what I have seen happening around the USA that I am a realist.

Jodie 7 days ago

I wonder when this Covid is finally over and done with I am wondering if all the republicans will be dead and not able to vote for Trump in the next election? I bet they are all the anti vaxers.

Boomer Jodie ⋅ 7 days ago

They have put laws limiting voting rights in some states. Much as my mean petty bastard side wants to believe that their numbers are diminished much by covid death, I doubt it matters. Go seal your borders, Canada, and make the USA pay for it.

Jodie Boomer ⋅ 7 days ago

well canada isn't like that...we love you foreigners...…especially people like you.

Boomer Jodie ⋅ 7 days ago

Yeah if I ever went to Canada I would pick up my trash and not shoot anyone! Such a good American I am! Thanks! ;-)

Jodie Boomer ⋅ 7 days ago

So when are you going to come to Canada?

Boomer Jodie ⋅ 7 days ago

I will only be going as far as the doctor's office and grocery store in the foreseeable future.

Jodie Boomer ⋅ 6 days ago

Oh well maybe another time in the furure.

justBob 6 days ago

I worry about this stuff too.

Boomer justBob ⋅ 6 days ago

Yeah. People bitch about Biden because he did not walk on water. He was handed a shit storm to clean up. Instead of adults working for us, we have petulant children and primadonnas. Thanks, Bob

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