Waste Not, Try To Give Back To The Earth in Ok,Boomer

  • Oct. 8, 2021, 3:47 p.m.
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“Turn off the juice, when not in use”, my father used to say. I grew up on that drill of turning off faucets to not waste water; turning off lights and other electrical things when not using them. A simple thing of saving pennies. I have been trying to do that. Price of Natural Gas is rising by 180% I read recently. My house is heated by a gas furnace. My stove is gas. I used to cook pancakes often. I saw how dirty gas is and how expensive it is so now using the stove is a rarity. Use the microwave for brief cooking times. Cook rice in a large pot and make it last.

When I prepare food, I take the produce scraps and grind them up. Fruit and vegetable leavings. Omit citrus peelings due to the high acid content. Grind it up with coffee grounds and put it in a small pot. When full, empty it on the lawn for the tree roots to devour. Even if it lays there during the cold months it is ok. The coffee grounds make it look like dirt. I am not allowed a compost bin where I live so I try to be a guerrilla composter this way. By the time I get a full pot of ground refuse, there is mold in it hungrily breaking it down. It stinks a bit that fades once it settles down. I have a tiny bit of land with 4 trees. My landlord said I should cut some of them down but I told her they are not dead. Leaves on the trees = not dead. I think she just hates trees and has issues with anyone dare to challenge her on anything as I have at times. I bow to her yet stick up for myself. She reminds me of the lords of old that would be bad to the peasants. Oh well. Character flaws.

I love my 4 trees. The land is not mine but I can do with the tiny bit of land as I want. Some people plant flower gardens. Many people here are lawn obsessives and have what I see as a perverse way of the earth. They want a lawn to be green grass without weeds. I LIKE WEEDS. They add variety to the land. Diversity. I think it is primarily conservatives that like the bland all green perfectly cut lawns. LACK OF DIVERSITY IN ALL WAYS. If I could, I would have a lawn of wildflowers. Many species and bee-friendly. It is funny and sad how as a child there were so many bees and I saw them as a threat. Now I see a honey bee or bumblebee and see them as oppressed minorities that may be destroyed by humanity some day.

In my idyllic world, all would save and give back to the earth and perfect green lawns would be a laughable thing of the past. The companies that make lawn cutting machines would be fewer and do much less. Oh and maybe we could make the wasteful spaces of golf courses a thing of the past. There would be massive reforestation and a greater preservation of our resources. The earth is a living thing and we are part of that life. Life need not destroy other life. Only for the most necessary survival.

I often think of water. How so many thousands of years it took to create aquifers and in so few years humanity has drained most of them for so muh waste and stupid use of the water. Like golf courses. Such a waste they are. Like those foolish perfect green lawns. Insanity.

Youth often complains about my generation. Yet many of us hold onto the dreams of our youth. We were not and are not all wasteful planet destroyers.

Newzlady October 08, 2021

I love the guerrilla composting!

Boomer Newzlady ⋅ October 08, 2021

I live in a mobile home park and they are very strict unless someone is being an asshole with noise.

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