Wedding Anniversary ruined,new born cat fight, getting gym clothes in ?

  • Oct. 7, 2021, 6:07 p.m.
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Today after I took Talan to work I ran out of gas. I asked mom if I could borrow money to pay for gas. Mom said I could have a tank of gas if I go to The Dollar Tree and use her card to buy all the Rip It Energy Drinks. I asked her if I could get some bath soap and laundry soap. She told me if I pick some for her too.

I told mom about Talan saying he can’t go to the gym because he doesn’t have anything to wear mom told me go pick him some clothes for his birthday. I was so proud come to find out he could only wear the 2 pairs of pants. The shirts and shorts are to small. They said 4x but after I looked at them they fit around a 2x. I felt so defeated. I guess I will take them back to Gabriel Brothers tomorrow. Talan thanked me for the pants and for trying.

Yesterday was my husband and mines wedding anniversary. He told me go take a nap he will cook dinner. He got distracted by videogames and burned up our romantic dinner. He came in crying tears of frustration. I told him don’t worry about it I ate on orange and went back to bed..He was hoping for some sex but knew he ruined his chance. He laid beside me pouted till he went to sleep.. poor dear did try.

The mobile home at moms I am supposed to be remodeling has been delayed due to financial issues. I can’t afford to fix it mom’s money is tight. Honestly I got $20 till payday.. adulthood sucks.

My mom’s cat Ghost a Siamese gave birth to 5 kittens. Two of her kittens are days old and they scratch and hiss each other for Ghosts attention. The sibling rivalry started hours after birth. My mom and I giggled at the kittens wrestling.

My brother Tom was at moms house today trying to fix his old Chevy 70s square body truck. The wheel is froze solid where it sat parked for 10 years. His wife Lesa is in a nursing home. Her arthritis is so bad Lesa is stuck in a wheelchair. Lesa has been losing large amounts of blood and they think Lesa has cancer. Lesa has had several transfusions and they fear she might bleed to death. This is a lot going on for a women who is only 38. My brother is 37 he is getting a vasectomy because he fears pregnancy might kill her. Cancer runs in Lesa’s family her Aunt Daisy lost her large intestine due to cancer. Daisy is in remission but will always have to wear a bag to assist her with feces removal. Lesa think she will end up like her aunt.

I need to go find me something for dinner. I ate a Cobb Salad for breakfast and I bought my husband the Ramen noodles he wanted. I am so grateful we have food in our fridge.

Sorry for rambling. Obviously my life isn’t interesting.

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