Funny Way To Deal With Junk Phone Calls in Ok,Boomer

  • Oct. 7, 2021, 4:24 p.m.
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I was just fucking around tired of the many calls I get asking me if I want to get more medigap insurance or that hilarious thing about “your student loan”. DUDE! I am 66 and never had a student loan!

What I have been doing is just being natural and treating the callers like I know them. I look at the caller ID saying what city they are SUPPOSEDLY in and answer it with something like (for example) “Hey LA! Wassup?” So far there is ALWAYS a quick hangup or a prerecorded voice saying the same thing. CLICK!

I sometimes just answer it by treating the caller like a friend and saying, “Yo! Whatsup?” It throws them off that friendly thing. I need to experiment more on this. I am thinking that since I got time here, try to ENGAGE the caller into talking about THEIR life. Some poor bastard off in Pakistan, India or the Philippines having a hard time. “Hey, how ARE you and your family?”

As a former coworker used to say: ” Sounds like a plan!” They want to control MY time so let’s have some fun with it. At the same time I can increase the number of blocked phone numbers.


mcbee October 07, 2021

Good plan.

Newzlady October 07, 2021

Sounds fun. :)

Jodie October 08, 2021

I always tell them that if they think I really need what they are selling then how about they pay my rent and then I can get it. That really throws them off also. Or I tell them I am too poor to even eat crackers. They usually say thank you and have a good day....then I will block them.

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