• Oct. 7, 2021, 10:31 a.m.
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Quick! Before I die from it!

A person over 65 that has had both shots of the Pfizer vaccine can get a booster after 6 months. I went to my local grocery store today and asked for the Booster AND a regular flu shot. The worker I talked to was surprised. She had me fill out a consent form. I had to joke about it because she asked me my last name and I had to think a moment. Tough questions! WHAT IS YOUR NAME? I then asked if the same form was used for the regular flu shot. She said yes but…she X in a flu shot box and I was good to go. She told me to take a seat and wait.

The worst part (so far) was a man goes to get his prescription filled and while waiting asked if I was in line. I said “no I am here for 2 flu shots one in each arm”. At this he started going on a tangent lecturing me about how it is all a conspiracy! I asked him if he had been vaccinated for Polio. He had … he was baffled by my question. I told him it had saved a lot of lives. He told me that Covid was all a hoax! I thought “700,000 is a hoax” Ah yes refrigerator trucks full of dead and hospitals turning people away is a HOAX. Fortunately he started to talk weather and football. I tried to use humor and joke about the local teams. He started to bitch about the weather with rain expected today. I said that I am glad we are going to have rain because it is far better than DROUGHT! He agreed. He then started in about HOAX stuff and “this country has gone to hell!” At this point, the door to the vaccination room opened and I told the man to have a great day and entered grateful for the door closing behind me. The kid giving me the shots had a middle eastern name. I mentioned the anti-vax guy and he said yes he has dealt with him before. I put on a red neck drawl and said “you got one of them FOREIGN names! Get out of here!” Then I went to my normal voice and said “so do I!” He laughed with me about it. We talked a bit about stupid people. He told me he had had covid and would not wish it on the worst of people. He is in his early 20’s and almost died from it! He gave me the Covid Booster in my right arm and the regular flu shot in my left. I look at the clock now and it has been an hour since I got the 2 shots. I feel mildly OFF but that is normal. Left arm is sore and right arm feels fine. I am sure I will feel shitty today but that is to be expected. I read that this year will be very bad for the normal flu.

To all that may read this, I wish you good health no matter if you are for or against vaccines. Be healthy and happy in life.

Excuse me…I have to go find something worthwhile to bitch about (A long hard search it probably will be )

gattaca October 07, 2021

I had a (very) brief exchange with someone who asked about my COVID shot.
Que the conspiracy diatribe.
I said, "no, you misunderstand. I'm getting a Clorox injection and UV light up my butt later today".
Shut him right up.

Boomer gattaca ⋅ October 07, 2021

YOU RULE! YOU RULE! I BOW TO SUCH BRILLIANCE AND HUMOR! I hate it when someone has better lines than I! YOU RULE! (Laughing hard). Thanks for the laugh!

Newzlady October 07, 2021

Well, it was nice knowin’ ya.

Boomer Newzlady ⋅ October 07, 2021


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