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  • Oct. 6, 2021, 8:57 p.m.
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Monday I got new glasses. Waited 9 days for them. Ok more like 6 or so years. I had realized something was wrong when after looking at a computer screen for a while I got headaches and eye aches. Imagination kicked into high gear imagining all that could be wrong with my eyes. OMG! MACULAR DEGENERATION! GLAUCOMA! A little bit of research helped ease my paranoia. Need to get prescriptions changed every few years. Maybe 2, not 6. Getting my eyes checked was on a health care list. Made an appointment with an eye doctor at an eye care clinic that does everything. Surgery to simple eye exams. Exam felt embarrassing. They ask if I can read such and such lines and I felt by not being able to read fine print I was failing. Made the examiner laugh. The tech had changed since last time I got an exam. No more puffing of air into the eye. After getting my eyes dilated and waited a while, got to see a doctor. YES I have cataracts. One reason I am often bobbing my head trying to see around them. On a scale of 1-4, he said they are a 2. Asked if I wanted to get surgery on them. I said I needed to wait. Will do the glasses for now. It was a relief that that was ALL that was wrong. He did mention a “freckle” inside my eye. Said I had probably had it since birth but wanted to see me again in 6 months. He said he did not think it was cancer. Eye cancer? Oh shit. I hope he was being straight. I figure if it looked bad or very suspicious they would test me for something. Ok cannot sit and worry about such things.

I went to the eyeglass shop in the building and ordered new glasses. I felt like a pro doing this. It’s become a fashion thing for people. Do I look stupid with these? I think we all find something that works for us and stick with it. Funny how I used to buy 2 pairs of glasses for years. 1 extra being special safety glasses for work. I still have the last pair for sentimental value.

When I got my new pair on Monday I was very excited. For me it was like buying a new phone or some other expensive toy. The glasses I got ARE expensive. I got extra this and that with them to make seeing easier. Clip-on shades. I was excited about getting new glasses because if you cannot see good you cannot operate the devices that we use to enhance our lives.

I recall how long ago my boss noticed I was making errors in my inspection work. In his typically tactless way he yelled at me about being blind and not being able to see shit. This from a one-eyed man. Ouch. It made me get my first eye exam. A few years ago it was noted I have cataracts. So far not having difficulty with glaring lights and I rarely drive at night. It has taken a few days to get used to these new glasses but I appreciate them. Cleaning them will be like a religious ritual for me now.

Jodie October 06, 2021

I went to the eye doctor not too long ago and my whole eye exam was done with a computer and I got to see exactly what the inside of my eye balls look like and they said my eyes are in really good shape and yes I do have cataracts but I don't need to fix them yet. And by the way with this new technology they don't need to do the air thing or the drops anymore.

Newzlady October 06, 2021

I have had a lot of eye concern in recent years. My glasses are perpetually dirty. :(

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