Zombies inspire me to go to gym in ?

  • Oct. 6, 2021, 3:21 p.m.
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Is it sad I decide blaming zombie apocalypse for my desire to start exercising more? Watching zombie movies I realized I am in no shape to run from zombies. My husband and I both have decided it is time to get healthier. To the gym we went.

Today I rode on a bicycle 2 miles. It took me a long time because my left leg is still weak from neurological issues. My husband noticed I got quiet but after trying to walk on the stair walker where I almost fell off and trying to do leg exercises. When I got off the bike my husband had to catch me. My leg gave away it if it wasn’t for him I would have been laying on the floor embarrassed.

I tried to start doing ab exercises to try to tone my flabby stomach up. While I was struggling I noticed a woman a bit bigger than me who works at Planet Fitness she said she has lost 60 pounds. She has been working at the gym for 4 months. She is currently 250 pounds. She weighs 50 more pounds than me but she was so muscular she was very strong like a warrior. I respect her. I am so grateful they hired a body positivity trainer.

My husband told me that he appreciated the worker checking up on me and helping me figure out equipment for weakness on my left leg. The bicycle was helpful because I couldn’t walk properly on the stair master because I was afraid I would fall down it.

I hope months from now I can run full out without fear of falling because of my left leg.

queenofegypt October 06, 2021

Hope the leg gets better soon!

I always hope for slow zombies. Haha.

Mr. Mofo October 07, 2021

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the flesh eating undead to incentivize working out.

Have you ever been to a tiny little town named, Holden WVa?

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