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  • Oct. 3, 2021, 4:09 p.m.
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It would take a lot for me to remember the names of the generations of people in my life. It confuses me because there is only 1 generation I am familiar with as a group in a name and that is my own. The “Boomers”. I have never thought of people as age groups. Unless thinking of most people younger than I, younger than I ;-)

I have read in some internet places genuine HATE for my generation. It is as-if we were some horrible species of human! Oh those BOOMERS! World wreckers! Destroyers of _____.

I never got it.
I look around me wherever I go and I see PEOPLE.
I was once a religious person and now, am not. At times I have sounded bigoted about the religious due to the differences but I STRIVE TO SEE US ALL AS PEOPLE.

I am liberal in my politics and feel some friction and dislike of the views of the Others and yet I WORKED with those Others and broke pizza with them at company meetings. We saw our HUMANITY and focused on that.

My father was of the “great” generation and I honestly never gave a damn about thinking of them AS “the great generation”. They were my parents’ generation. I worked with some of them. They were at times “those old bastards” but I thought of it and said it with humor I think envious they had lived so long. I respected and disliked them AS PEOPLE.

I think that I tended to see women as some exotic often superior species. Old and young. I never saw them to be disliked or loathed. With maturity and wisdom I embraced them as PEOPLE. I reached for empathy with them and maturing, found it.

Different races intimidated me when young. Confused me. My father was something of a racist. At times he was not. I think he was conflicted. He grew up that way. It was part of his being fearful. I could never be racist because I worked with people of color. I was fortunate in that. We had our differences and they were the DIFFERENCES OF BEING HUMAN INDIVIDUALS. It was an evolution for me. One I hope I never lose.

When I see a person of another generation I do not think and go, “hmmm ok what GENERATION is this so I can see the differences and look down on them for it?” I do not bother with that. I see them as We as PEOPLE. I often feel compassion for THEM as PEOPLE. That is what I need to do with ALL PEOPLE. Try to see with compassion. To find what can join people in my mind and life.

I admit to negatives in my labeling of people. I will refer to some as “assholes, idiots, sonsabitches, motherfuckers and morons”. That has nothing to do with anything but negative personality traits in them. Golly, I even call my fellow Boomers all that!

I heard the phrase, “Ok, Boomer” a few years ago. I was amused by it. I never went around saying, “Ok generation X or Y or Z”. It made me think how people see each other in groups. It made me look at how I saw my parents generation. I felt some sadness seeing their generation dying out because … wonderfully, they were part of my LIFE on this planet. I find that phrase of “Ok, Boomer” as a reminder to try to see PEOPLE AS PEOPLE. I enjoy reading what younger people have to say because, DESPITE THE DIFFERENCES OF TIME AND AGE, we are all so much similar. The pains and joys of falling in love. Family. Work. So much is similar shared experiences to me. Ahhhhh yes I can relate to THAT! Part of that magic of aging … ALL aging is the wonder of experience. Depressed, jubilant, joyful loving anxious… it’s all part of us as PEOPLE BEING ALIVE.

Ok Person… have a good day whoever you are, whatever age you are.

mcbee October 04, 2021

Well written and relatable.

Boomer mcbee ⋅ October 04, 2021

Thank you!

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