DePhoMo 2020 in Announcements and General Info

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  • Dec. 1, 2020, 5 a.m.
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01 Most Proud Of OR Carols

02 Your Fave Photo OR Jewelry

03 Silly OR Serious

04 Decoration OR Snow

05 Your Work Space OR Cozy

06 Best Present OR Nap Time

07 Your Heritage OR Your Future

08 Favourite Person OR Magic

09 Priceless OR Charity

10 Childhood Christmas Memories OR Sick Day

11 Double Trouble OR Triple Threat

12 Things In Nature OR Things That Go Bump In The Night

13 Messages OR Murals

14 Important Gifts That Cost No Money OR Joy

15 Inside My Fridge OR Thanksgiving Dinner

16 Old Fashioned OR Modern

17 Something You Are Afraid Of OR Something You Collect

18 Textures OR Clown

19 Pets OR Wild Animals

20 Bad Habits OR Routine

21 Insect OR Shocking

22 Reflection OR Winter Solstice

23 Fave Colour OR Fave Flavour

24 Messiest Area in the House OR Christmas Dinner


26 Statue OR Winter Garden

27 Chimney OR Goosebumps


29 Your House OR Hidden Place

30 Stars OR Playful

31 New Year!

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