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  • Sept. 28, 2021, 7:07 p.m.
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My mom gave me a 3 bedroom 2 bath mobile home after her renter moved out. I am still living in my current home but working on my project mobile home.

When my husband realized the floor in the master bedroom was soft we tried to carry out the furniture. While we were carrying some of the furniture the subfloor broke and we fell through the floor. The carpet manage to give us enough barrier to stop us from falling completely through. My husband and I laid boards across the beams and began to cut up the carpet most of the floor was dangerous weak. Thanks to our boards we manage to make it to the master bathroom.. the floors there appear damaged from water.

My best friend Tella who loves to destroy things found out I was ripping up all carpets she volunteered to help me. For the past 2 days we have completed ripping out carpet from small bedroom, part of the 2nd bedroom up and entire hallway. Tella was giggling as she tore up the carpets told me when I need to replace the floor she wants to use a sledge hammer. I was raised doing repairs Tella has not she said it like is therapy for her. She said she never had so much fun.

My best friends asked me how it was going I confessed to Kevin and his gf Pam I am struggling to carry furniture with Tella and honestly I know some knowledge learning the rest off of YouTube. Kevin told me him and Pam this weekend will help me. I almost cried grateful to have friends like them.

I have always wanted to fix a home now I can. This will take me months but my friends admitted they are helping because I am their family and they consider this a learning process.

After work tomorrow I plan to finish ripping up the third bedrooms carpets to check the floor from there I need to rip up carpets from the living room.

I am so tired. I hope all this work is worth it. Today to help Tella and I relax we tried clothes on at Notoriously Morbid and we had lunch at Taco Bell. There were so many beautiful outfits at Notoriously Morbid but I couldn’t afford $60-100 for a dress. I did get some nice pictures.

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Anaiss September 28, 2021

I'm happy for you. Repairing a home is rewarding. I hope you are able to make it everything you'd like it to be. "Flipping" is when you're going to sell it for a profit, but it sounds like you're fixing it up for yourself, so that's not flipping. But fixing it up for yourself is even better.

*_* Anaiss ⋅ September 29, 2021

I am still learning how to word the things I am doing. I will fix it on here.

Deleted user September 29, 2021

that store has cool stuff

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