Ostracization... in And So It Goes....

  • Sept. 28, 2021, 4:05 p.m.
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There is a group of tenants in the building that is thick as thieves. They do things for each other, but not for myself. They share secrets and openly tell the people in the group, when I am around, that they will tell them later on. It hurts, but I have not openly shown it. I believe that the one member of the group would like some type of reaction from me. They would like to see me sensitive, mad and hurt. I’ve got this. I can handle this. I will not let them get to me.

Deleted user October 03, 2021

You're 60 get over it get a life the tenants don't have to be you friends or even acknowledge you no one owes you anything you only owe yourself some self respect get some grow up

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ October 03, 2021

I will not even justify your comment with a response. The same goes for your other comment.

Deleted user chocolatechip ⋅ October 04, 2021

...and yet you did. Lol

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