I am not very religious but I got questions in ?

  • Sept. 27, 2021, 8:08 a.m.
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I normally don’t discuss religion but this bothers me I understand the importance of prayer but I don’t understand why people pray and do nothing to help their prayer along. Yes I know it is in God’s hands but I am sure God wants to see you progress towards your goals. Quit sitting on your butt do something about it. Be sincere not superficial.

Deleted user September 27, 2021

An Atheist view here. To many atheists, prayer is believing you are doing something by going through the motions thinking talking does something. I like Buddhism and believe meditation is good for the inner self - which is perhaps what prayer can be felt to do for some. Just as writing in a journal can. Perhaps just smiling sincerely to people and wishing them good health has more real effect.

Jodie September 27, 2021

I have a question for you.....If prayer is suppose to help you then why is it whoever is your higher power let you get sicker and die? isn't someone or something protect you?

Deleted user September 27, 2021 (edited September 27, 2021)


I've read you for years and I wondered if you have had brain damage ... seriously ... and recently I looked up CDC and county records in WV it does seem you people have higher than normal incidence of TBI, developmental disabilities, and social/mental educational issues without interventions in WV

I guess it's not your fault but it explains a lot

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