Moms hoard habits, husband threatens divorce in ?

  • Sept. 27, 2021, 6:49 a.m.
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I think my mother’s hoarding habits are going get in the way of my mobile home remodel next door to her house. I just got the keys yesterday to discover the subfloors are rotted out. I told mom I will have to rip up the carpets to fix the floors she told me fix the floors without tearing up the carpets.. how exactly do you do that mom? Her dog Baby shit in the middle of the carpet she told me she is leaving it there for easier clean up once it is dry. Ew. I think in her head that translates to she expects me to clean it once it’s dry. Mom grew upset when I told her the 20 year old carpet is leaving and linoleum and going in its place.

Mom saw months worth of dirty litter from the previous renters boxes on the back porch she told me clean them keep them for my cats..ew no! Mom said the previous renters cats were clean so it shouldnt be an issue. Her assuming I would ever use dirty litter boxes from someone else after I cleaned them up I felt like gagging. That is disgusting. I will catch her not looking haul them away.

Mom wants to go through everything James left to see if there is anything she can keep.. mom no! It is going in the trash. You already have an entire house across the street hoarded up you do not need to more for your collection.

Mom grew upset when I told her I choose what furniture comes and goes. She told me not to throw it away keep it in one of her storage buildings. I told her that her obsession for keeping shit is unhealthy.

When my mom dies it will take me years to shovel all the contents out of her home. When dad was alive he did his best to maintain the house. He would catch her at work and throw her piles away. Mom would cuss and cry over junk. Since dad died if I try to clean anything she screams and acts on her worst behavior. She threaten to call the cops on me one day for cleaning and even complain to my brother it is my fault she won’t clean her house. People suggested me putting her in a home and cleaning but mom said she will never be removed from her home.

Tom my brother has pointed out her habits are unhealthy. He left his house mom owns abandoned because of her irrational behavior and emotional outbursts. Any thing he tried to make the property better she would argue he left because he gave up. All his stuff lays still in the house abandoned.

I told mom I have every intention of pissing her off. It will be cleaned it will be repaired. Cuss and act a fool if you want I am done! I told her if she won’t care for herself I will make it my mission to repair clean and improve her quality of life. She has lived like this for far to long.

About this time last year my car was broke down in the shop. I waited on mom to pick me up a mechanic was fixing her seatbelt so she sent my cousin Cindy to get me. Cindy said I was a bad daughter for refusing to spend the night at moms I told her the house is so dirty I refuse to stay there. I told mom what I said she said I was an embarrassment for telling people her house was dirty and mom tried to kill herself. I told her she wouldn’t be embarrassed if she cleaned up after herself.

I am moving back home to fix the mobile home and after that clean the garage and fix what is left of my mother’s life.

My husband last night said I didn’t love him that I am obsessed over the mother and threaten to leave. I told him if he wanted to just leave. I love him but this bickering back and forth between him and my mother makes me miserable. They hate each other and I catch hell from it.

I told my husband I need a forever home not a temporary fix. He wants me to move in an RV and travel far away from my mother. His are big dreams for a man who has $12 to live off of. He wants to travel I told him travel without me my home is here. He says I am am idiot.. probably but that isn’t the point.

Without mom I wouldn’t have gas to make it to work this week. I am still trying to recover from the month I had to have off where I hit my head. I still have a limp and difficulty moving my left side. No doctor knows what it is and I can’t afford not to work. Mom expects me to be able to lift heavy dog food and be her slave like I used to. She gets pissed when I bring my husband to carry his 80 pound bags of dogfood.

My mom over and over again says he isn’t family decisions are only allowed to be made by the family. I have been with Talan since 2013 married since 2018. Mom still offers to pay for the divorce. That he isn’t allowed a key to the garage because that is only for “family.” I really get tired of her shit.

Today my husband and I are going to rip up the carpets and see the damage on the floors. I know mom won’t fix it. It will be my job to fix this mobile home or condemn it. Mom is to busy praying to God to fix it instead getting off her ass and fixing it herself. I understand the important of God but I know personal action is pretty effective.

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