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  • Sept. 26, 2021, 3:44 p.m.
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The mobile home I am moving in to eventually after I fix it I remember being in good shape. I lived there in my early 20s… today I walked in to discover the renter destroyed the mobile home. Floors are falling in it is a mess. We always asked him if anything needed fixed. He said no never let us in now I know why. He lived there 9 years. I could be angry but it is older mobile home and he left me a washer, dryer, some nice grills. I decided not to complain to him. I am going to start rebuilding it. It is smaller than I remember. My family has owned it since I was teenager. I am in my 30s now honestly most of the damage is basic wear and tear. James was a good renter. I wish he told me about the floors so I could have fixed it for him. It is a bit messy but not as bad as I expected.

I need to rip up the carpets to fix the soft spots on the floor. I don’t even mind because I plan to get rid of the carpet anyway.

Today will be my husband’s first day of seeing the inside of the mobile home. He has never been in it before. With or without him I will build it to be a forever home.

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