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  • Sept. 24, 2021, 8:04 p.m.
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Well, the weekend has arrived. Yesterday, I received my second module shipment of course materials. I took the exam for assignment one, receiving an overall grade of 95%. That brought my course average down to 99%. I am going to try to bring my average back up to 100%. The second module shipment basically consisted of a Healthcare Aide book, workbook, and writing paper and postage-paid envelopes, to correspond with the school, if necessary. In assignment 1, the author discussed different health occupations, good work and study habits, etcetera. The author mentioned that the fastest growing occupation is that of the Home Health Aide.
Life is good. I cannot complain. Tomorrow, I have some laundry to do, perhaps Sunday as well. Monday, I am hoping to make it up to the hospital, early to have the bloodwork completed, that I have been putting off. Tuesday, I have recertification on my apartment. Friday, I will need to go out to take care of business.
My overall mood has been good, and relatively stable. I feel that enrolling in the healthcare aide course has much to do with it. Prior to making the decision to enroll, I felt as if my level of intellect was not being put to good use. Now, I feel that it is. :)

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