A Chinese farmer loses his horse in 1% better

  • Sept. 14, 2021, 11:18 a.m.
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I didn’t mean to imply that I slept with two Danish girls. I was never that successful with girls. (But, for the record I did sleep with one of them. She wrapped her legs around mine in some sort of yoga for two move. Only time that ever happened. When I woke up she was gone. About that, I felt a little sad. I always liked morning sex.)

The idea that I was working on yesterday was that one thing leads to another.
I was watching a YouTube video that went something like this:

A Chinese farmer loses his horse.
That’s too bad, says everyone.
Maybe, he says.
The next day the horse comes back and brings three wild horses with him.
That’s great, everyone says.
Maybe, he says.
The next day his son breaks his leg trying to break one of the wild horses.
That’s too bad, says everyone.
Maybe, he says.
The next day, the army comes around looking for conscripts. They don’t take his son as he has a broken leg…

It got me thinking about this:
A few weeks ago, I was visiting an old friend and his friend from Taichung days. We were talking about another mutual friend who is still in Taiwan. 30+ years! Besides reminiscing, we started thinking about what if we had all stayed in Taiwan. What would our lives been like?

Just like getting stung by a bee, one thing leads to another.
I never wanted to leave Taiwan. I suppose now that I am glad that I did. I can’t imagine being this old and still working there.

I was talking with the missus the other day about this. She said, I’m sure your Mandarin would be fluent. That’s true. It was almost there then.


As an aside: Interestingly, both this mutual friend and another guy I know who has been in Taiwan for nearly 30 years both are anti-vaxxers, Trump-supporters and conspiracy-theorist. I believe the isolation of living in Taiwan and the easy access to the internet (mostly Facebook) are the reason why.

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