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  • Sept. 14, 2021, 2 a.m.
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Or would you rather see them get sick and suffer and maybe die? isn’t it hard enough to watch a child suffer threw cancer or heart disease or kidney disease and then die because parents are too dam stupid to get the help the children need because they are anti medical?
Or worse yet won’t get their children vaccinated because they don’t know the science? Or maybe they just don’t love their children enough?

Soon there will be a vaccine for those children who are 5 to 11 so they won’t get as sick.
It really doesn’t matter how old your children are we as parents still have to make sure they get everything they need and we have to also tell them the importance of the science in everything. Especially for the diseases that are out there. But this Covid and the variants are worse then even the black plague.
I heard that the flu shot is going to be mixed with the Covid booster and be an ongoing thing so when we get the flu shot we will get the Covid booster and then we will be even safer.
I saw yesterday on the news that the people who work in the restaurants are not too happy that they have to ask if you have been vaccinated but they have no choice or they could be fired and here in B.C. you have to show proof with your picture ID. And if you argue or become belligerent you will be asked to leave and if you don’t leave then the police will be called and yes you can get fined up to $3000.00 so maybe just make sure you get the vaccines so people can do their job and pay their bills. Because if the government closes these places down then they are out of work and can’t pay their rent and could be homeless.
The one thing I do know as a fact is that all health care workers here in B.C. have to have their two shots for Covid or they won’t have a job. And it’s also recommended that those who are in the grocery stores and restaurants and Gyms and airlines need to get vaccinated or they could lose their jobs. The reason for this is because they deal with the general public and the public needs to feel safe when they go to these places.
I am still scared that I will get this Covid or worse yet the variant that is about to come and they don’t know how much damage it can do. And knowing me it will be worse then what the doctors say it should be. And I really don’t have two weeks to feel sorry for me because some idiot exposed me because they are too selfish to help protect me. But then I am only one person and my life isn’t as important as the anti vaxers.

There really is no good reason why so many people are getting sick and dying especially when there is something to stop it for good. And this is why I don’t care if these anti vaxers live or die. This is how I feel.

Onto something else.....

So last night I didn’t eat dinner because my stomach didn’t feel so good. not sure what it was I ate but this morning I do feel better so the spaghetti and meat sauce I was going to make for the last two days I will make tonight finally. And hopefully I won’t burn the bottom.
And for the rest of the day it’s the same old crap but a different day thing so will work on oe thing at a time and hopefully today will be the day it gets done. But then there is always tomorrow and tomorrow after that and goes on forever tomorrow.

Well I need to stop here and get more coffee....
Do have a great day and,
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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