Cold night in New account mach 8

  • Sept. 14, 2021, 3:06 a.m.
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So out of the McDonald’s pokemon cards I have 22 out of 25. I just need three more to get the full set.

I have 13 out of 25 Holos.

I have 3.8 million points now, I only need 1.2million to go… So in three days I need to average 400,000 points per day… I’m not actually getting anywhere close to that… I suppose miracles can happen…

But my daisy chain of devices works. I have my Gotcha Evolve connected via blue tooth to my old phone. I have my old phone tethered via wifi to my ROG phone.

I was correct, the ROG was too much phone for the Gotcha. It kept tripping it in a major blue screen of death kinda way.... But now I have figured it out and I can actually function like this… It’s just annoying.

Husband came off night shift at 6am this morning. He was a bit upset. At about 4am he saw a pair of homeless kids huddled together in a corner of the car park. It was freezing cold, windy and raining, the male about sixteen had shorts and a t-shirt on, shoes with holes in them, the girl about 14 or 15 was shivering so much from the cold, she was barefoot. They had a thin blanket wrapped around them.

Husband didn’t say anything, he went into McDonald’s across the street, it was open 24 hours, he ordered two hot chocolates and 2 large big Mac meals. He walked up to them and gave them the food, they didn’t know what to say… They were afraid to speak to him when they saw he was a security guard. He walked back to his office, and called the police, he told the police all about them. He sat watching them on the security cameras. They moved around to a loading dock, the girl was eating so fast like a hungry person… He said if Kmart was open he would have bought them some warm clothes or anything, but it was 4am…

He finished his shift and left at 6am…

He said it was sad… I said they could be anyone, run away from foster care or any crazy type of situation… But you did everything that you could.

He went to bed.

I took Rex out for a big giant bushwalk. He ran through every puddle at full pelt and then back again, he got soaking wet. It’s cold today. Well, he’s got to learn. So when we came home I left him outside in the backyard… He sat shivering at the back door… Looking in, he has big pointy ears and he had them down all sad, well sorry buddy, I’m not letting you into the house in that state!

Now it’s 5pm, I’m sitting here with a glass of red wine…

I can’t be bothered cooking dinner or anything, there’s left overs… Husband can just reheat something…

I feel bad about those kids.

Jinn September 14, 2021

It’s a sad world sometimes . Dogs exist to get dirty and wet. They will never know better ; it’s their nature. Maybe you could keep a couple old towels to clean him dry when he does that so he does not have to be cold outside.

Sunny days Jinn ⋅ September 14, 2021

Hells no!!! This dog is spoilt enough! On a hot day husband gets him cold water out of the fridge, he gets tucked in every night... It's getting beyond ridiculous... I just want him to learn when it's cold out not run through the water... We will get there one of these days...

Jinn Sunny days ⋅ September 14, 2021


Sunny days Jinn ⋅ September 14, 2021

I think husband is getting clucky...

Jinn Sunny days ⋅ September 14, 2021

There are worse things :-)

Palmtreesandzebras September 14, 2021

So sweet of your husband. I hope they end up in a better position. 🙁

Sunny days Palmtreesandzebras ⋅ September 14, 2021

Don't know if he'll see them again, he's never seen them before...

corpse September 14, 2021

Rex is going to get sick he isn't going to know better than to run through puddles he is a dog they do that

Sunny days corpse ⋅ September 14, 2021

It's spring so it's warm in the sunshine but if clouds came over it was kind of cold. These puddles he was nearly swimming through...

In winter he was getting better, he'd stay put of the water on a cold day... But somedays he just can't help himself...

Lis September 14, 2021

I think you should get a few spare blankets you won't miss (buy a few cheap fleece ones?) and just keep them in the car to give away if you see them again. I keep some in the car at all times for us (in case we break down and it's cold, or in case we are at a ball game and it's cold). Nothing super nice, just functional. I would give them away in a minute if I saw a need, though. xx

Sunny days Lis ⋅ September 14, 2021

I had a cheap pullover on at home that I often leave in the car, I didn't that night, I would have given it to the girl straight away, husband said she was shaking from the cold...

It's spring, so weather is warming up but that was just a random miserable night. In other places the homeless get really bad, seeing kids pinch food was always hard, husband said you just let them go, everything is insured by the supermarkets. You can't get food back anyway. He said smart arse teenagers pinching luxury goods from department stores to show off how much they can steal is a different thing. These kids werent like that.

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