Break out the Arthritis Hot! in And So It Goes....

  • Sept. 5, 2021, 11:59 a.m.
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Short of sounding like a big baby, all of this assisting to the tenant in the building whom needs help, is catching up with me. It has been catching up with me for the last two days. It is not so much the things that he has asked me to do, as it is going back and forth to his apartment 3 or 4 times per day. My legs and knees have been aching. I buy this arthritis rub called Arthritis Hot, at the local dollar store. It works great! The actual tasks that I did for him were “light” tasks. I did not mind helping him, at all.
Last night, I went to bed at 6:30 pm, and woke up at 12:30 am. I cleaned my apartment. I had a lot of clutter on my dining room table. I also went through two piles of papers that were on my telephone stand and computer desk. I washed my dishes, made my bed and took out the trash. I also had laundry to put away. I have been behind on everything, what w/ the assisting, first of the month business and my studies. I also did a lot of shopping on Friday of last week. I am all caught up. My apartment looks pretty good. I need to rest.
Tuesday is the big showdown. I will discuss that in an upcoming entry. It has to do with my getting the $400.00 back that I gave the vision center to purchase prescription eyeglasses. This morning, I left them a message. I explained to them that if the lab’s making my eyeglasses is not a work in progress, then I am going to their office to request my money back. Healthways no longer transports people. I also figured out how to solve that problem. There is a tenant in the building whom has a van. He takes other tenants up to the grocery store for $20.00 That solves that problem. I am going to purchase a big order of groceries. As for no longer having a caregiver, I am getting along. I was also upset about the fact that when the water was coming down from the ceiling in the main lobby of our apartment building, no one bothered to call the caging terminal (on-call maintenance worker) for this weekend. I went up to my apartment and called them on my landline, then took my cellphone with me downstairs to wait to see if they would arrive. I called three times, just to make certain someone would come in a hurry because water and plaster were coming down.
All of the above having been said, I went to bed early, last night because I had plainly had it w/ a lot of different things.
I will be glad to get back to my studies. Assignment two begins on page 58 of my Medical Terminology textbook. The lymphatic system will be the first topic of discussion in this assignment. I sure could use my eyeglasses while reading!!!! LOL. At least I can make a joke about it.

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