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  • Aug. 30, 2021, 12:40 p.m.
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First, and foremost, I would like to say that I am learning that no one can change my life except myself. My life as it was, was not going to instantly happen. I came to the realization that, things in my life have not been quite right for a long, long time. Last week, I embarked in enrolling in a health care aide course through distance education. I have taken the first step, that could lead to gaining necessary knowledge, and perhaps might lead to the personal satisfaction that I derive from helping others. I will soon be receiving my first study module. It is offered in both the hard copy and digital format. I prefer a hard copy of my textbooks, study materials, student handbook, cyllibus, etcetera. Looking down through the study modules, I realized that much of what I will be learning will be review, such as the material in my first module, which discusses the body systems and a medical terminology glossary of terms. Still, things change dramatically over time, and the institute keeps up to date with the latest textbooks.
Where will this road take me? At this point, I honestly do not know. It is a starting point for what might generate a whole new life for myself. Right now, I have a focus, and I have a direction, which right now is getting an education. Knowledge is power.

Lis August 30, 2021


chocolatechip Lis ⋅ August 30, 2021


Queensuzu1 August 30, 2021

Sounds good.

chocolatechip Queensuzu1 ⋅ August 30, 2021

Thank you! :)

FitLadyDi August 30, 2021


chocolatechip FitLadyDi ⋅ August 30, 2021

Thank you. :)

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