In Need of Harmony... in And So It Goes....

  • Aug. 29, 2021, 12:58 p.m.
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I wish that all of the tenants in the apartment building where I live, could try their best to be amicable with each other. Our landlord wants all of us to get along, if possible.
As of late, there has been much discord among some of the tenants. One couple quit speaking to everyone, except for a select few. It is their choice. It is on them. I try to be nice to every tenant in this building. I try to be helpful, caring, compassionate and courteous. Somehow, whether I like it or not, some tenants have a problem with me, get mad at me and stop speaking to me. It is very uncomfortable. I do not like discord and drama in my life. This is on them. I am merely going to go about my business, as usual. I am beginning to travel another road, figuratively speaking. I am embarking on a new endeavor, a commitment of which will require good concentration, the ability to continue on with it without interruption, and the promise that I have made to myself to see it through.
At this point, I have absolutely no use for maliciousness, games, drama, hatred, nor gossip in my life. I am forging on with my plan to do something constructive with my life. End of story.

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