Busier Times... in A Day in the Life

  • Aug. 21, 2021, 4:08 p.m.
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Being that I presently do not have anyone to assist me with my daily tasks, I am once again in it all by myself. It is not easy, but I am trying my best to keep up with everything. Tomorrow, I am going to clean out my refrigerator, because on Wednesday, my case manager is going to take me grocery shopping. I still have an ample amount of room in my freezer, for more frozen foods.
I did not receive a response from the care team that is involved with my psychiatric diagnoses, in regard to their opinion as to whether or not I am able to work. I will have to fill out the disability update report as best I can, given the information that I have.
I have a good friend. His gf is going camping with a couple from the building, but is going to tell my good friend that she is going to another town in which she has family. I cannot lie to my good friend. If the subject comes up, I am going to tell him the truth. I know for a fact that if I do not tell him the truth, it will surely be a deal breaker. I value our friendship too much to let that happen.

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