Alaska day 7 in My Therapy Book

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  • Aug. 1, 2021, 4 a.m.
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This was very laid-back day and a short stop in Ketchikan. Very heavy food day. Crab cakes, Smoked Salmon, Fish and Chips and Gelato just in town alone. Ketchikan really did not do much for me overall compared to the others. I had the Fish and Chips before getting back on the boat, it was to die for. This was the only stop that we did not plan something in advance, so we just picked something when we got off the boat. We found a local who was doing small group tours of the town, native totem pole village and salmon / bear viewing. For $50 dollars a each for 2.5 hours how could it go wrong. It did not. The local guide was friendly, talkative and seemed to know a lot about the town. He was a member of the local tribe, and we got a lot of information on the natives, their history in the area and how they currently were. It was nothing over the top and by no means the highlight of the trip, but it was a pleasant time with a fun group of people and did not cost all that much. The show this evening was the best so far. 80’s music that took me right back to high school. They did a Take on Me bit that was over the top. It seems a bit like Key West, once you have done it there really is no need to do it again.

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