Alaska day 5 in My Therapy Book

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  • July 29, 2021, 11 p.m.
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Skagway, what can I say other than I have now visited and know I would not like to live here. It is a two and a half hour trip to the nearest big bulk store and that is if the border is open. The town is tiny, about 5 blocks by 20 blocks and that includes home and such. Around 800 people live there year around and it was easy to spot those people because they all knew each other and said hi every time they passed. It was a classic small town feeling right down to a couple of kids on bike standing at the corner chatting it up with the park ranger about school starting in ten days. You had to be there to know what I was talking about. It felt a little bit like the start of a Steven King novel. They even have a creepy cemetery on the out skirts of town. A lot of the town was still closed and not ready for the influx of people. The lady giving out tour was amazing. We did not book it from the cruise and there were only 6 people on the bus (Large van). We did not take the train like a lot of people suggested. We had originally booked it and then canceled when we got a notice that the bridge was being repaired and we would turn around at mile 15 along with other changes. Next time for sure. The van was great and stopped at waterfalls, scenic overlooks and basically wherever we wanted. It was driven by a little old lady who had moved here 26 years ago, and she was a blast. She was a wealth of information about the town, the people who lived here and the gold rush in general. It was a great time. Everything is more expensive here compared to the islands. Lynne was a drama queen again. That is getting very tiring, and I am about ready to tell her to take it elsewhere, but I am trying to be a team player. Dinner was good and the service is improving every day. It is almost where you might expect it to be pre Covid.

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