This is What Happened (More Drama) in A Day in the Life

  • Aug. 1, 2021, 2:56 p.m.
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This afternoon, I went outside for the second time. Three ladies were down at the gazebo. I said to myself, “I am just going to see if anyone says hi first and asks me how I was”. Needless to say, no one said a word to me. I got up from the table, and stood there, smoking my cigar, looking at the passing traffic. “Eugenia” said, “Miss Anne, what are you doing”? I replied that I was doing basically what I typed a few sentences ago. She asked me to come and pet one of the ladies’ dog, so I did. I sat back down, finished my smoke. No one said a word to me. I got up, threw my cigar in the cigarette can and left. It played out exactly the way I figured it would. The next time, I am sitting elsewhere, until they stop treating me like a second class citizen.

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