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  • May 10, 2014, 4:45 p.m.
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..has fallen off the bed. Lucy started coughing this morning. She's so tiny, it worries me. But she's still happy and acting like herself, just coughing and wheezing a little bit when she runs. I'm just hoping she won't get too bad before I can take her to vet.. and of course the vet is running a special on vaccinations this week, so they're not answering their phone. Ugh.

Bruno is doing better, though he's still coughing, too. I'm so glad he's good about taking his meds with a piece of cheese. Half a piece of American cheese forms a perfect little pill pocket. I'm not even sure he tastes it.. he basically just swallows it.

I'm really not happy that Lucy caught the crud, and I'm hoping Heather doesn't, though whatever Lucy does, Heather tends to follow, so we'll see. Bruno has been an ass lately, but I know it's because he's bored. He's terrible on a leash so I don't want to walk him (70lbs of puppy hauling on my shoulder? Yeah, that sounds great..) and I can't take them to the park for almost a month. =/ J said she would take him on a walk today when they come over. Of course, I can't even take the girls to the park now. Sigh.

In other news... finished my last day of clinic with not one, but TWO cancellations. I hate people. Anyway. I didn't have to work on a typodont, and I didn't have to write a paper, so I'll call it a win. My instructor said I needed to work on my number of empty appointments... well fuck, do you really think I like not having a patient?? I can't keep people from cancelling. The best I can do is remind them about their appointments and try to avoid flakes.

Finals are next week. Only one of them is likely to provide much of a challenge, so I guess that'll be alright. I spent a good chunk of yesterday rearranging, cleaning, and organizing my kitchen. My fridge is kind of floating alone against one wall, so I moved it over farther and relocated my free-standing pantry and the small desk I was using as a pet food station. The whole set up provides more space and freed up a lot of my countertops, so I'm happy with it. I figure I'll try do the same for most of my house throughout next week, since finals really aren't going to take up much of my time. My brother is driving into town next week, too, so I need to free up some space for him on the couch in the middle room. That'll be an adventure.. That room NEVER stays clean. It's like our house's dumping grounds. :P

Anyway, guess I'll wrap this up. I'm really tired, and I need to get my study guides

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