A Few Things about the Kid in Stories of the Mental & Addicted

  • July 15, 2021, 10:02 a.m.
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Party -
Dante’s party was a success. the neighbor kids came over and they stayed way late, which was fine with me. They are moving, so I’m sure it helped their parents with that. Dante had a great time.

Behavior -
Dante’s behaviors are really calming down significantly. I mean. Big. He has occasional fits, usually right after I pick him up from daycare and he is tired and demanding something like chicken wings or whatever weird thing he wants. I cant just drop everything and get him whatever it is he decides, so I say no, we need to see what we have at home for dinner, etc…and he will flip out. Which in turn, causes me to say, okay for sure, no wings.

If he settles down quickly, I might consider it, depending on his reaction, and it seems this consistency is working. but it also depends on what the boys want as well. We are a family and we all get a say.

I think its really helping him to be around me and the boys, and not be the center of the universe. lol

He is completely off medication. His hyper activity behaviors are still there, but not to the extreme they were. I still dont want to go places with him or grocery shop and things, but at home, it is soooo much better. I still worry about taking him to my games and things, but its more manageable.

I guess time will tell … especially when he gets back into school.

Football -
I signed him up for football. He loves it. I think that also helps him with his aggressive behaviors, as well as respect for authority, organization and order. He does really well with the coaches. He listens and behaves, stays in line. its wonderful to watch.

the coaches call the little guys, “Gentlemen” when they are coaching, its so fucking cute. lol

They are fucking annoying. Monday I get an email that Dante does not have transportation to my mom’s for his visit, that evening. Thanks. “I told Chante, but forgot to hit send to you.”
We haven’t had a full CFT meeting b/c one person or the other is missing b/c the date/time/mode of meeting was screwed up.

I am getting information about the case 2nd hand, usually from my mom or the case aid.

The case aid said no transportation because visits are dependent on Norma’s availability.
so what does this mean? we can change days? times? is it unlimited days and times? can we change the schedule?

I ask the worker and she says, when it goes to family supervises, transportation is ended (though she didnt know he was getting it) and if we change dates, just let her know, it just needs to be at least 2 hours twice a week.

Um… she’s been doing way more than 4 hours a week, and and she should be! She’s earned it. Why hasn’t her case been updated? at the hearing, everyone agreed it should flexible, more hours but the limitation was with agency supervised. so by now her case should have been updated.

This is so frustrating. I’m glad this case is a low priority, but what about some of those poor kids in way worse situations?

Anyhow. That’s all I have to say about that.

Mamie July 15, 2021

hippiechica15 July 15, 2021

I'm glad Dante had a great birthday and is doing better <3

Azrael July 15, 2021

Glad he's been better!

Leanne 🌈 July 15, 2021

Happy that Dante is doing better you are so good with him.

A stronger woman July 17, 2021

That is great news about Dante

Happy Girl July 17, 2021

I’m glad he’s doing better is there an outside advocate that can help you navigate these issues?

KPink Happy Girl ⋅ July 19, 2021

We have a lot of case workers involved, but they won't try to help her understand anything other than making her go to counseling and parenting classes. At least from what I've seen with them.

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