going to chack this out to day in myday

  • July 3, 2021, 9:17 a.m.
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going to chack this out to day

9am - Barton St. Closes to Traffic (Victoria to Wentworth)
11am - Event begins with patio-dining, shopping and live music
8pm - Event ends and clean-up takes place.
9pm - Barton St. Reopens to Traffic (Victoria to Wentworth)

(414 Barton St. near Mosaic Pub)

11am - Pip (Art-pop, Jazz)

12:30pm - Gareth Inkster (Indie)

2pm - Whitness (R&B)

3:30pm - Benny Douglas (Country)

5pm - Mahima Akshinthala (Indie Pop/Folk)

6:30pm - Joel Guenther from Poor Angus (Celtic-Folk)
(306 Barton St. near 1-876 Bar & Grill)

11:30am - Benny Douglas (Country)

1pm - Mahima Akshinthala (Indie Pop/Folk)

2:30pm - Dee Jay Sky Bolt (Reggae/Pop)

4pm - Joel Guenther from Poor Angus (Celtic-Folk)

5:30pm - Gareth Inkster (Indie)

7pm -Whitness (R&B)

for more info go to this link


Ferret Mom July 03, 2021

Cool that they have a full day planned with lots of variety.

MageB July 04, 2021


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