Dante's Bday in Stories of the Mental & Addicted

  • June 30, 2021, 5:19 p.m.
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Dante’s birthday is coming up. I wanted to have a little party for him, but Te refuses to go if I am there. Instead, she is taking him to Funtastiks, but my mom has to go to supervise.

I dont know what to do for him, and I’m still not feeling my best, so it makes it even harder to think of things while my brain is cloudy and I’m still sort of down about things.

My mom said we will lie to him and say his mom is sick and its why she isnt there. I told her I’m not lying. fuck that. I’ll say she is mad at me.

I’m very afraid that after this is said and done, she is going to alienate me from him.

I’m not sorry I reported her. She deserved it. and her not being in my life actually makes my life easier. I dont need her. She needed me. and now I dont need to rescue her from her stupid shit.

I just hope that one day she will get the therapy and help she needs so she can think straight.

Mamie July 01, 2021

I'm glad you reported her. As someone who was raised by abusive parents, I wish someone had reported them when I was a kid.

Also, good on you for not lying to him.

TrippyNina Mamie ⋅ July 01, 2021


KPink Mamie ⋅ July 01, 2021


Leanne 🌈 July 02, 2021

You did what you had to do props for that not many would have done the same. I made a promise to my kiddo to never lie to them ever my childhood sucked I wanted & did break those chains.

Deleted user July 04, 2021

I agree with Bluesun. I hope you always stay close with Dante.

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