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  • June 24, 2021, 1 p.m.
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Two weeks I flew to Sacramento, California. In Seattle there was a sea of masks. And when you waited in line to be screened they want you six feet apart but on the plane, every seat was filled. And the young guy next to me kept shaking something every 30 minutes and using it. I don’t know if it was an inhaler or if he was getting high.
The pressure in my ears landing was excruciating like none other. I don’t know if it is because I have tinnitus. I did look up to see if having that would cause such pain. Not nessecarily. I think I will try those ear-plane plugs for the way home.

I stayed with my brother and his mate on the weekends. I froze the 1st day. (They have air conditioning). They like to eat out often. Lunch and dinner. I can’t afford that and yeah I could have but I didn’t come here to feed myself. You kind of expect you will be fed. So I skipped a few lunches. We did this and that and played games.... It was a fun visit.

I spent the weekdays at my mom’s. She has no air conditioning, just fans. And no windows opened for cross night air. I slept on a cot in the living room. And she has no internet anymore. At her house I do have to feed myself and I went shopping for very minimal food. Nothing I had to cook and only a few times I needed a microwave. That is always a expectation I have had to do every time I have ever come to visit her. She doesn’t cook for one and mostly she can’t afford to feed me. She gets “Meals on Wheels” and eats good things like ice cream, cholocate kisses, cookies, and cheese puffs the rest of the time.
We did jigsaw puzzles until she was tired of them-(3). And watched tv and chatted and I did a few things for her around the house.
In some ways, 8 days was sufficient with her and in other ways , it was not long enough.

At my brother’s I used his laptop to do a few Facebook games. Collect my Bingo credits and goodies and do the Quests on Pearl Peril for the team. I am one of the top scorers and I was only able to play on Sunday night.

I am able to get Facebook on my Phone but I only have it tuned to my main Facebook page and never use it for my Game Facebook page. I read a lot of Facebook postings at my mom’s house. More than I typically ever do at home. And watched video blogs that I follow.

The weather here has had several days in the 100’s. At my mom’s it wasn’t too bad. I am used to not having Air. My house doesn’t have Air. And it isn’t ever needed but maybe a few weeks in the summer. Like now! Our town I’d suppose to have 107 on Sunday! And 110 on Monday. LOL In the 6 years we have lived there, it has never been over 100 and rarely reaches the 90’s. I am seeing a lot of Facebook chat in my town about Air Conditioning. So few have it.

One of the bummer things about being here, from day one, my ankles started swelling. At night they went down but by bedtime they were very swollen. At my Mom’s I was able to spend time kicking back on the cot. At my brother’s, there was rarely a time to kick back on the bed. The last few days they have been doing better.

I had a close call last week. My mom has a utility room where her washer and dryer and some storage is. There is a back door leading outside. One day last week I went out in the backyard for a bit. Later that evening my mom asked if I locked the door. I knew I had but I doubled checked it. I didn’t turn the light on. I did feel a web as I reached for the door but you feel webs often throughout the house so I thought nothing of it.
The next day my mom’s home health gal came. She opened to door to the back room and there strung from the door to a shelve across the way was the biggest Black Widow I have ever seen! The home health gal runs. And my mom hands me a fly swatter. Why me? AND it was a short fly swatter at that!
I will never walk into that room or any other room in that house without the lights on again! LOL

So today I am going to Fresno. My SIL/BIL are driving up here to pick me up. I will be there 5 days before I head home. Fresno sees a lot of 100 weather. My SIL has Air Conditioning and a Pool. I forgot my swimsuit so I bought a new one. 40 bucks at Target. I didn’t see anything cheaper. Sheesh! But I will have that thing for at least the next 20 years. It is rare that I have opportunity to use a bathing suit.

It has been a wonderful time but I have been subjected to a GOB of germs, more than I have in the past year. California fully opened up June 15th. Washington will fully open up June 30th. Of course there are some exceptions and Masks are still in play. I may wear my mask in public buildings long past when most stop.

This visit I did see one school friend. I didn’t rent a car this time because prices have tripled! So I didn’t get to visit all I would have liked to have seen. Yes I could have invited them to my mom’s but it was too hot to sit outside. Inside...... Well she smokes. The moment you enter the house you reek like cigarettes.
In fact today I am at my brother’s waiting for my family members to pick me up. I came here to wash my clothes and take a shower so when I get in the car I won’t stink up the car. Although........ It will take several Hair Washings to get that smell totally out and a few Clothes Washings.
The price I have to tolerate. I am thankful the smoking doesn’t bother me.

So, I am signing off.... Good Day to all.

Hotaru June 25, 2021

Sounds like a nice trip.

ConnieK June 25, 2021

Next time, come to FL. I'll feed ya!

Bird of Paradise ConnieK ⋅ June 25, 2021

I will remember that :-)

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