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  • June 16, 2021, 9:06 a.m.
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Well here goes, another I have not been on in days and are going to try and catch up post.
I am not even sure where to start because so much has been going on. I think I will start with most weighty stuff and work out from there.
I am still having a very hard focusing on what I need to. Prioritizing and finishing things is still a problem. My mind is all over the place and I am having difficulty staying on task for any amount of time. This is really impacting my work and I don’t think it will be long before someone notices. I have to get myself straightened out and flying straight.
It has finally happened, this morning the app was finally approved in the Apple Store. Now to start building on the foundation and creating something I can be proud so say I did. There is still so much more to add before the meeting in September where we want to unveil it but I finally believe we have a chance of making it. The member and vendor lists should be fairly simple but the the events section of the website is not finished yet and it cannot be added to the app until it is. At this point that is a major hold up.
The event section is almost there. The registration is the major hold up at the moment and I am at a stand still waiting for the developer to finish the code. Once that is done I can make adjustments and test it out before deploying it to the live site. With any luck that will all be accomplished by Monday. The deadline I gave him for this passed yesterday and now he and I are working on borrowed time. I have a back up in place if he falls through but I hope that does not happen.
My sister came down for a visit from NC. We had a pretty good time. Went to the springs and swam, played cards and all the other things people do when they get together. It is always a little stressful for me. It should not be but in the back of my head is the running commentary of all the problems and issues even if they don’t really exist. She headed over to my other sisters house by the beach last night. My daughter went with them and they are going to spend the day at the beach. I hope they use sun screen.
I am still doing for shit in the weight loss department. I am back up 9 pounds and most of what I loss I have put back on. I feel like a broken old man and most hope in regards to being more physically fit have left me. I hope I can find something that will motivate me and wake me up to the importance of getting myself where I need to be. When you have to hold on to the wall when putting on your pants because you might fall over or you worry you might break the chair you are using to get up off the floor you might have a problem. I guess it is good I realize there is an issue to be addressed and I am not telling myself all is good.
I guess that is enough. I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole today, I can’t handle it.

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