Barrel of Emotions... in A Day in the Life

  • June 15, 2021, 7:21 a.m.
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I give and I give and I give. Once in awhile, it would be nice to get back. I am in no way talking about anything of material gain. There are 2 people I know, of whom I am no longer going to go out of my way for. It is not anyone on this site. I have tried and tried and tried to be nice to them, but it is plain that they do not give one iota about me. One of them was having some pretty major relationship issues, and was going through a very rough time. I have to say that I was 100% empathetic. I offered encouragement and positive feedback. Last night, she and I were outside. I tried to tell her how I felt about things going on with my life situations. She did not respond. Not one word. This happens often. She is totally self-absorbed. Why would I want to keep on trying to establish a friendship with her, or a decent communication? It is impossible, because in my eyes, it should work both ways. She has a close friend. I never could quite understand what was their common bond. I figured it out. they are both totally self-absorbed and have not one ouce of empathy within themselves. I, on the other hand would practically bleed for others. I think that you are either a caring person, or you are not.
I have mentioned before about person number two (they have no relation to each other to speak of or that I know of). I have tried endlessly with her, as well. It is obvious with her that she plain out does not like me. She is another person for whom I will no longer go out on a limb. More later.

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