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  • June 12, 2021, 2 a.m.
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There are a few people who can not understand me or even care to ask but then they just don’t get it once I do explain to then the whys.
Like why I hate my clothes so I only get dressed when I have to or I am going out and then when I come back I am back in my pj’s and robe and slippers.
I figure why dirty clothes when you are not going anywhere and if you are only going to the garbage or out for a smoke why bother getting clothes all smelly and dirty?
I like to think that I am most comfortable when I am in my home when I am in my pj’s because I feel a lot more freer and not so constraint because of underwear I don’t like wearing. And if people really want me dressed then they need to tell me what time and when they are going to be coming or when I need to help them other wise I will go in my pj’s.
I find clothes are a lot like make up and it makes you feel not like you and almost fake looking. And when you are wearing clothes you are covering up something you are ashamed of or that others think is ugly and I don’t like that attitude.
And if you are too fat or too skinny and people look at you when you are dressed they have that look and are not impressed so why bother? I often wonder if someone says you look nice or good if they really mean it or are they just saying that to force you to say thank you?
Why do people say things that they really don’t mean? I mean if you have that kind of relationship then why not tell the truth? Like the doctor who tells you you need to loose weight? why sugar coat it and go into this long tirade about how much better you will look and that if you don’t you will die? Don’t we already know this? So why make us feel like we hate ourselves anymore then we already do?
I know for me when I really start hating my looks and can’t fit into what I call my fat clothes then I know it’s time for me to do something and that is my rock bottom. For others it’s something else.
I know I am getting close to wanting to feel better and have more energy it’s just a bit more time for me.
Why is it everyone has to be judged? If you are happy with the way you are and the way you look why change to make others accept you? it’s like when you get your hair colored and you really like it but others don’t. My question is who has to live with it and look at it everyday? It’s not them so why does it matter if they like it or not?
I think if everyone accepted one another for who and what they are then there wouldn’t be as much racism or shooting just because you are ugly or a different color or a different religion.
Onto something else....
Have you heard about the 215 children that were killed at the residential school in Kamloops B.C.?
It seems that the indigenous people of Canada are and have been getting the short end of the stick and that is not right. This has been going on ever since the beginning of time just like the black vs white in the USA.
I just wish everyone could get a long and play nice and then so much more good could happen for us and the world. And it always seems that the children are the ones who are being punished for no good reason and that is not right. I mean if an adult does something wrong then punish the adult not the whole race or the children because they have done nothing wrong.
Anyways enough about that.

Onto something else....
Today I am going to be making the best macaroni salad ever....
and I made sure I got everything for this recipe except the hot mustard because I don’t like it I find it too spicy no matter how much I use. And this time I am going to cut the cheese into smaller pieces and because I like the eggs in this I am going to use two more eggs then what the recipe calls for. So if you want to have any please let me know and I will save some for you but you need to hurry because hubby really likes this and so do I.
and this stir fry pork for dinner

Onto something else....
I need to stop now…macaroni salad is calling my name and wants to be made and I also have to prep the dinner.
Do enjoy your day and Be kind, be calm Be safe and Behave.

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