35 Weeks in Staying Connected

  • June 10, 2021, 1:42 p.m.
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I have been really hoping this sudden energy boost that I’ve been experiencing would apply as much toward work as it has toward nesting. I think if I can channel it, it will, but channeling it is moderately difficult since I don’t really care about writing treatment plans…

Remember how I wrote 5 treatment plans, like, 3 weeks ago, and at that point I was already behind? And then for the next two weeks I didn’t do any treatment plans? Well, I just uploaded 4 of the 5 treatment plans to the company server, where they are supposed to be (rather than sitting in a MS Word document on my laptop…). My boss uploaded the first one for me during a supervision meeting. Now I just have 22 more treatment plans to write. I’m on a roll! Right? Ha.

Luckily I wont have to upload the next 22, since I’m going to create them directly on the server. Two nice things about my current situation are 1) my supervisor took full responsibility for not just allowing me to let this shit build up, but for, in some ways, playing a part in the build up—since she told me not to start until she went over it with me, and then she never did. So I appreciate her not just blaming me. And 2) it occurred to me this morning that if I don’t finish my administrative paperwork before I go on maternity leave, there is no reason I can’t finish it after I go on leave—assuming Morgan doesn’t come too early. There is a good chance I will fall back on this option. I’m pretty sure this is what ended up happening with my first pregnancy as well.

In other news, Father’s Day preparations are in full swing. I just ordered a novelty t-shirt for my father-in-law that we intend on pairing with a wine. As for my dad, I got him a luxury cotton t-shirt (he likes his shit plain) and some luxury shaving cream. I figure he’s going to shave regardless, so he might as well have some high quality shit.

All that’s left now is 2.5 weeks of work, the family-maternity photoshoot, frozen pad prep, and having both my car and my condo professionally cleaned. I’m fully expecting the remainder of my pregnancy to fly by.

Until next time <3

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