Confused cashier in ?

  • June 10, 2021, 12:08 p.m.
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I had a customer say 20 on 1. I assumed gas so I set it.. customer asked me if I was drunk I said sadly no why? What did I miss? He gave me a dirty look and said he wanted a number 1 lottery ticket. The lottery ticket cost $20. Why didn’t you tell me it was a lottery ticket? Communication is very important.. please humor your cashier they can’t read your damn mind!

Timmy™ June 10, 2021

At least I still have the habit of saying "unleaded, cash, fill me up". (No self-serve in Jersey, ha ha.) Who even says unleaded anymore?

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ June 12, 2021

no self service might be the only good thing about New Jersey

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ June 12, 2021

Handy when it's snowy or freezing out.

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ June 12, 2021

I mean it seems like pumping gas is easy I've never done it & probably never will have to do it myself. I feel like it should be left to the attendants.

❤️vee June 10, 2021

I'd have the same confusion!

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