Husband new job, cat neutered, deceased father builds house dream in ?

  • June 10, 2021, 8:37 a.m.
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My husband got a job at Tudors Biscuit World right now he is at orientation. He swears he is going to work both there and KFC. I doubt this will work out but I hope he proves me wrong.

Today Harley Quinn is anxiously pacing in front of the door and crying. We took her son Ash to be neutered today. My husband when we dropped off Ash got teary eyed I asked him what’s wrong? Come to find out he had 2 cats die in surgery when he was a child. Talan is scared Ash might die and never make it home. I had to tell my husband Ash will be fine to convince my husband to give Ash to the vet tech.

My husband and Hagrid from Harry Potter both have a lot in common. Both are big guys who say things at inappropriate times but both are softies for animals. Honestly my husband is a big animal activist and would fight anyone who tried to hurt an animal.

Talan has to drop me off at work today because by the time he needs to get Ash from surgery I will already be at work.

So my deceased father visits my dreams. We talk and he helps me do repairs. I dreamed he help me build a pantry behind my fridge and he help me build drop down spice cabinets. Dad told me I was going to have 2 kids so he even showed me how to build a Murphy beds and told me to use one of his toolboxes as a dresser in the boys room. Dad told me for my daughter to make sure to teach her to change her oil and said he wishes he could be there to see everyone grow up.. dad died of a heart attack December 2018. Ever since in my dreams I been either fixing on a house I don’t own yet. Talking about grandkids with dad that don’t exist yet or dreaming dad is helping me fix my car.

I came home with a bag of tools from the Dollar Tree my husband asked me why I bought tools. I told him daddy said I would need them. I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes and cried much like I am crying now.. God daddy I miss you so much! Dad told me go clean his garage don’t let his tools rust.. trust me they won’t.

Maybe I am crazy but I think I am going to write the ideas into a book and start doing these projects in my house. Daddy might not physically be here but his memories can live on. I love you daddy!

Today one of my neighbors are getting married in the trailer park. They stuck up a tent put up several chairs and hired a minister. God imagine all the money they saved. I respect their frugality. I hope they have a long beautiful life together.

Thanks to being close to starting my period I am hormonal and want to cry. I might take a small nap before work.. night y’all.

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