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  • June 10, 2021, midnight
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I prefer to be comfortable when i am ay home and not going anywhere. My attire is always my pj’s and house coat and slippers. But when I do have to venture out into the world I do get dressed is my comfortable clothes and go about my day. but then when I get home it’s back into my pj’s and house coat and slippers.
There are a lot of people who don’t understand why I am like this. but the reason is because I don’t see any sense in wasting clean clothes when you don’t have to. Especially if you only wear what you have once after you take it off and then it goes into the dirty laundry.
I use to get dressed when I was younger and I never went anywhere usually because of lack of money so I stayed home. And also i don’t feel so fat when i am in my pj’s because they are loose fitting and not tight like some of my underwear.
Even my mom says I should get dressed just because I will feel better but then I told her that I prefer to be comfortable and it was left at that.
But I think the attitude you have weather you are dressed or not doesn’t matter if you are happy either way.
Do you think it would be any different if I were to be naked instead? But then people would be complaining about that also so I will just do what I am doing.
Yesterday I had thought I was going to help my landlady move the old fridge and dishwasher to the end of the driveway and said in my e-mail to let me know what time so I can get get dressed because I was thinking it would be in the morning sometime and I am never sure what time I will wake up. But she said nothing so I didn’t get dressed and when I saw her with someone else i asked her why she didn’t tell me and she told me it was the way I wrote the e-mail so I didn’t have to help and I was so happy because I really didn’t want to move it so it worked out.
She is trying to get me to get dressed everyday just for my own sanity but I just don’t have the desire and I prefer to be comfortable. And I am tired of telling her this every time she brings it up. Either people accept me the way I am with all my quirks or too bad. I am not about to change for anyone but me.
So now she is a little pissed because she thought what she said was actually working but it isn’t and she doesn’t like that. I mean why should I have to get dressed to go ask her a question? Or to ask for something to be fixed? Or even take out the garbage? But if I were going to the store or somewhere else I would be getting dressed so there is that. All people have to tell me is what time they need me and I will be dressed and ready to go. How hard is that?
I know everyone is different and you just have to remember their little quirks and work around them and that is not very hard to do, well I don’t think it’s very hard anyways.

Onto something else....

I want to start Weight Watchers again but I need to find out when the in person meetings are going to start or maybe I will wait till I have had my second shot but I will be calling them today. I am thinking in about 20 pound I can start to wear my jeans and my underwear won’t feel so gross.
I have also decided that as far as finding new places for some of the things that are in the pantry I will just use them and then that will clear up the floor but I have decided why move them when I am going to use them? And it’s slowly getting to the point where I can actually see the floor so that is good.
And once I do some baking a lot of my stuff will be gone and hubby and I are not really buying any pantry stuff till what we have is gone. And that is working out very well.

Onto something else....

Well not much else to say life goes on no matter what. I need to stop here just so life will go on.
Be kind, Be Calm, Be safe, and Behave.

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crystal butterfly June 10, 2021

I stay in my mumu as long as I can. And barefoot.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ June 10, 2021

Don't your feet get cold when you have to go outside to take the garbage or something? or do you wear your slippers?

crystal butterfly Jodie ⋅ June 10, 2021

I slip on my slippers when I go outside, most of the time. In the summer, maybe not. If I am just going into the garage or on the front deck.

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