Baby fever… in Life Lessons

  • June 9, 2021, 8:02 p.m.
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Ugh So I’m having some waves of baby fever… me and my husband haven’t been married very long but do eventually want kids. Lately I’ve been around a few babies and it really makes me want my own.
But the logical part of me tries to say we need to wait, grow together, travel and save money.
Also another thing that bothers me is my in-laws and my family. My in laws are jerks to me and are so nosy about when we are having kids and so baby crazy I honestly don’t want them around me during that time. My sister in law thinks it’s ok to suffocate a baby if it cries and is so immature and doesn’t know how to behave around a baby. My mom and siblings are definitely pills and baby crazy too. My sister thinks she is a baby whisperer basically and she hogs them and makes them cry. Im just at a loss here. Do those thoughts and feelings go away?

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