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  • June 9, 2021, 5:08 a.m.
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Yesterday I worked 8-3 at Eisenhower I went into Bradley and worked 4-9. I found myself exhausted and fed up to discover our boss told Waldo to clean the bathroom because a customer smear feces all over the toilet wall and floor. He said he doesn’t clean feces refused to do it. Cone to find out he left it for hours and went to Arby’s to use their bathroom. It took me 30 minutes to clean it. I was so furious I text my boss telling her I cleaned that disaster zone because he refused to. Come to find out he has a 1 year old son and never changed a diaper. My boss was furious she told Waldo if she tells him to do something either do it or find another job.

Waldo knew I needed to restock the coolers informed me he was going on a smoke break. I almost cried. Another thing I didn’t get to do because Waldo couldn’t do his job. He came back looked at me said he deserves another smoke break walked out talking about finding another job. While he smoked and talked on the phone I rang customers.

When I was supposed to have 3 days off this week instead I manage to get 1 and she scheduled me to cover hours days at other stores. I don’t mind more money for me to play with later.

I am tired and burned out. I am little miss dependable always on time never calls in. I don’t have a life but hey I have a paycheck.

I haven’t seen my mom in a long time. I normally call her driving to work. My last day off my husband and I went to Covington to visit Dee my mother in law. I spent the afternoon talking with her watching a storm and playing with Bastat a beautiful long hair black cat years ago we gave to Dee after her cat died. Dee says she is so grateful for Bastat because Bastat is so loving. We took Bastat from an abusive home. To see Bastat trust and love another human being after years of abuse from Tai and Erica makes me happy Talan took her away from her abusers. Bastat hangs out with my mother in law’s 2 other cats and Bastat has befriended Dee’s neighbor’s cat Carpet. Carpet took claim to Dee after the neighbors treated Carpet poorly. I am fortunate to have a mother in law who loves cats.

My kitten Ash is getting neutered on the 10th. He will be my last cat to get fixed. I hope that will stop Ash’s urge to spray because my husband says if Ash doesn’t that he wants us to get rid of Ash. When Ash’s father Coal and neutered the spraying stopped. I think Harley Quinn would miss her son if Talan got rid of Ash. Ziggy my black cat is good not to spray and always using the litter box. Don’t tell the others Ziggy is my favorite.

My life has been a little boring lately. I just work a lot. Ziggy woke me up at 5:30 am because he wanted out.. he often has me let him in and out a lot during the night. I really wish Ash could quit spraying so I could put in a cat door between the kitchen and living room. I am going back to bed till work..night

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