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  • June 6, 2021, 12:59 a.m.
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So I won a Coach bag at the woman’s expo. It will be the nicest and most expensive purse I have ever owned. When I husband found out it was expensive he informed me he wanted me to sell it so he can buy his guns out of layaway. He reminded me how we owe rent. I asked him why can I keep it? He informed me having a coach bag makes me a target for theft. I don’t even know what it look likes he immediately said he knows it’s ugly I should get rid of the eyesore. I felt bad because I caught myself wondering why can’t I have nice things? I go Monday to pick it up.

My friend Tella and I went to the Woman’s Expo after the Expo we went to the flea market while there I bought me 2 bras. I found the tictoc leggings that went viral on the internet with a sports bra in an extra large. I went to buy me a pair. Tella asked if she could have a pair for when we start yoga. Both were tie dye with her being a 4x I didn’t know if it would fit her. She tried it on over her clothes. They fit every curve she had beautifully. I bought the blue tie dye for me and the rainbow tie-dye for her. Tella was so excited she almost cried. She said she felt so beautiful. I told her she was already beautiful.

I made a mistake of wearing a black pair of pants with a long sleeve cold shoulder shirt. I was positively cooking. I had sweat rolling off of me. I knew I had a pretty bralette that looks like a swim suit. I look at Tella said screw it and took off my t-shirt. Tella was cooing how beautiful I am and how she wishes she was my size. I drove her back home in my bralette and put my shirt back on to go in her house. When Tella’s make roommates heard that Tella saw me in my bra they wanted to know why she could see me naked and not them. She has been my best friend of 16 years. All her roommates are men who over the years have tried over and over again to unsuccessfully sleep with me.

Tella and I have a level of trust that is like sisters. She has helped me dress in tight clothes, sometimes she saved me when I got stuck trying on tight clothes. Due to her limited mobility I sometimes help her dress in dressing rooms because she gets stuck in outfits. Before covid we would go to stores and tell one another how beautiful we are in the clothes we tried on.. we are both body positivity cheerleaders. Wear the outfit never allow anyone to destroy your shine! If you see an outfit you like take a picture if you cant live without buy it take it home! Some people ask if we are lesbians. It isn’t anything sexual. We just enjoy trying on beautiful clothes. Anything we can’t afford right now we take pictures now buy on sale later.

At work it was incredibly busy and stressful. A woman foolishly left her purse and keys in her car and someone stole both. The lady wasn’t the least bit bothered she asked if we can not tow her car she is going to Charleston for a key. She left the windows rolled down. She already got robbed once but left the contents out for someone to take..why didn’t she roll up and lock her doors? I don’t understand.

At work the trashcans got jammed with garbage. I struggled to get the bag out. I laid the can on its side dragging the can and wrestled trying to get it to let the bag go. People were recording me laughing. I ignored them irritated thinking I hope I don’t go viral on TikTok. Every night I struggle. I always get back and arm pain from the weight of these trashbags. Sadly I am one of the few people who do it. Most people leave the trash wrestling to me.

I vape CBD to deal with the pain. I am in so much pain I can cry. Not thinking I hit the vape in the store..oops I forgot! I apologize and threw it in my bag.

When I was battling a long line Jessica sat eating chips and cheese in the office. I saw the district manager come in but I was so busy I didn’t have time to tell Jessica. The district manager looked pissed. Not a single word was said. I stood there ringing customers thinking yup one of our asses tomorrow is fired. I caught myself wondering if I should update my resume tonight. I think I will just in case!

Jessica asked me to drive 45 minutes to Coal City to pick her up for work. She offered me $10 in gas. I know she wanted me to drive her the entire week. I decided I didn’t need to wear and tear on my vehicle. She called everyone asking for a ride said she might call in tomorrow if she does she will be wrote up and possibly fired.

Here it is 4 am I am writing this entry. I really need to get some sleep.

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