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  • June 4, 2021, 3 p.m.
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Did you know there are two ways to spell colour? There is that way and color this way. And neighbor is the same and this way also neighbour. I think there are a few more words that us Canadians have a choice to use but depending where you are you always have to use the Canadian way especially in a educational setting.
have you also noticed that toilet paper and Kleenex is now just white and not that pretty colored it was back in the 70”s.
And I have also noticed that people are not just black and white they are all differed shades of black and white. So to say someone is black is just wrong because they are not. And a person being white always has some other color mixed in them because if you were totally white you would look like a ghost. I really don’t like how people have to be classified by color it’s just wrong. There are so many other way to describe people and it’s never done unless you are drawing a picture of a criminal composite then everything is shown not just color.
Sometimes color is necessary especially when you are outside looking and watching what is around you. Even the birds are interesting to watch and listen to. I like how the crows start calling and no one is coming to them so they just call again and then take off. And have you just looked at the sky and watched the clouds move east or west? And how you can make pictures out of the clouds by just looking at them? I do that a lot and I can make some really cool pictures.
I find that it depends on my mood and where I am going for what I pick out what I am going to wear. But my favorite colors are different shades of blue so I wear a lot of blue but there are time when I will wear other colors.
I am not one for prints or flowers on my clothes I find that they are too busy looking but I do like different pictures on my shirts.

I have a question? Why is it we always look at others and judge them? I think that is just so wrong. Whatever happened to acceptance? And the people we do meet often has something in common with us and that is why we become friends and color or anything else has nothing to do with it. Even their history doesn’t really matter unless it’s job related.

I think if people were never judged then we would have a lot more friends and maybe be much happier. And just because you were in jail doesn’t mean you will always be in jail unless you have a life sentence with no parole then you will always be judged as an ex con no matter what or where you do or go.

When I am sitting outside I am always looking at what the day is and what the environment will be doing for me and the colors always seem brighter the next day. Even on the days where it’s windy and raining there is always something nice to see and the colors are just so much brighter in the rain and even the snow.

Onto something else....

So today is Friday and Friday means that the weekend is finally here and people get to sleep in and have bacon and eggs or sausages and eggs and hash browns and then wonder why they ate so much. But the thing I like about the weekend that there is no set time for anything and I like that. People are always in such a hurry to get no where real fast and I can’t ever understand the rush. And for dinner it’s left over Friday which means that I may or may not eat depending on how I feel and how much of a mess I want to make in my kitchen. Other then the regular house wife stuff I am not doing much.

Well I need to stop here…still need more coffee.
Be kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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