I might get wrote up..idgaf in ?

  • June 4, 2021, 12:14 a.m.
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Yes I understand you are my boss at this guest store I understand you have an opinion but if you are wrong and being an asshole I will tell you! I might get wrote up tomorrow but I don’t care. I couldn’t sit there in silence and allow this.

Homeless customer came in hungry. He was trying to buy a sandwich and a drink. He used 40 cents in food stamps and a hand full of dirty coins. I counted it to realize the customer was 33 cents short. I offered to pay the difference the manager at this guest store threatened to write me up for offering to pay the difference. The manager humiliated the homeless man saying if he didn’t have money get the hell out of her gas station. I told her to write me up idgaf I will pay the difference to be sure he was fed.

The manager screamed if he wasn’t on drugs he could afford food. I told her she didn’t do a drug test she didn’t know by just looking at him if he was on drugs. She said he should get a job. I asked her how do you get a job without your basic needs met? Does he have clean clothes, a belly full of food.does he even have a place to sleep tonight? I told her sometimes a simple act of kindness can help his entire day. She complained he smelled.i told her food is more important than grooming supplies. I told her I highly doubt she would let him groom in the bathroom. She got angry when I let him use the restroom. She screamed customers only use the bathroom I told her he is a fucking customer.

He felt humiliated when he heard me and the boss arguing. I told her if he was a kitty or a puppy she would have fed him no questions ask. I told her he is a human homelessness does not make him not deserve equality and kindness.possible addiction does not mean he doesn’t deserve a good meal. I told her quit being an asshole. Realize that if we lose our job we can just as easily live in his shoes. He is no less. We are no better treat everyone with kindness.

She threatened to call my boss and told her I am rude. She went in and told the district manager of me smarting her.. I told her my act of kindness of paying a bit of change shouldn’t be wrote up. I am not stealing from the company I am helping a hungry person eat. I told them write me up if you want but I know for a damn fact I am going the right thing.

I told the manager she was an asshole. That I understand she has the right of an opinion but I have the right to criticize she say she is wrong.

Another homeless man’s friend came in asking what happened. I explained the manager was rude. I offered to pay the difference the manager was rude to the man that he didn’t deserve that treatment. The man’s friend said he was humiliated and cried. I apologize for the manager being an asshole she said she did nothing wrong and tried to justify it to the district manager.. the manager said we know she is an asshole. I told her yes finally we agree she is an asshole. I might get wrote up later. Who gives a damn.

The district manager and manager had a meeting talking about doing a meeting with my boss hillary at my home store. They don’t approve of my behavior. I told them idgaf. I might get wrote up tomorrow..oh well.

I worked the next few hours in silence. They knew I was angry and feared I would walk out. All I am asking is you treat a person like a human and quit being a damn asshole!

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Gina1963 June 04, 2021 (edited June 04, 2021)


Good for you standing up for the homeless person. Shame on the manager for being so heartless.

❤️vee June 04, 2021

good on you for sticking up for that man and his humanity!

elaine2 June 04, 2021

Way to go.

Kristi1971 5 days ago

Thank you for treating the customer with dignity. Hugs.

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