Relationships Are Hard in Help Me Please

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  • June 3, 2021, 2 a.m.
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Every single relationship I have had it seems like I am the one doing all the work and everyone else is just behaving badly. This is what I call a one sided toxic relationship and I have had more then one of these and I hate myself for not seeing it earlier. Well maybe I did but I thought giving another chance would make things better but it never did. it’s the same as an abuser telling you they are sorry and will never hit you again but that is just meaningless words coming from them, or you saying you forgot.
The best kind of relationships to have is the ones that don’t take much effort and they just fall into place and last forever. I have some of those also. But the one relationship that has to last your whole life is the one you have with yourself because the others will move on or not be there when you need them and you need to accept you for you and love you at the same time but I know that is a lot easier said then done.

It’s like those questions that are asked…Can you spend a year on an island with just yourself and no technology or amenities? Or if you got a million dollars could you stay here or there for a year? or if you got a billion dollars would you quit drinking for life?
I think these questions are asking how much time can you spend alone and be happy.
I find that when I am alone a lot more gets done and I am much happier because I don’t have others doing it all wrong. I like things done in a particular way and everything has a place and if others move it and I need it then the conversation starts. But the worst is when you get something new and put it somewhere then you go to look for it and it’s not there till you look around the corner then there it is. Then you wonder why you put it there then realize that it’s the only place it can be put. Here is a question for you? has your home ever been so clean that everything sparkles and you can eat off of the floor and the carpet?

Onto something else.....

I think that I am becoming one of those boring cooks because everything I look up I am always missing something and it never turns out like it’s suppose to but hubby always says its really good and always wants to know what I did. Like tonight I want to make Shepherds Pie.
I think this one is a pretty good one I have not done this one so hubby will be the guinea pig again. I just get so board with the same old stuff like chicken and pork chops and fish. I also do this recipe with pinto beans which is really good and hubby likes this one too.
This is the recipe for the shepherds pie.

Anyways I need to stop here and I shall be back.
be kind, be Calm, be safe and behave.

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